Trader Joe's New Bread Is Perfect for Your Favorite Breakfast Toast

This might genuinely be the best thing since sliced bread.

There's nothing like a warm English muffin in the morning, all toasted and smeared with a little butter and jam, or maybe topped with peanut butter and banana slices. There's just one little problem: it's nearly impossible to slice your English muffin in half without scattering an avalanche of breadcrumbs in the kitchen.

Trader Joe's has come up with a solution for your crumbs-in-the-toaster woes, and I'm psyched to try it out. The store's new English Muffin Bread, which costs just $2.99 per 24-ounce loaf, comes pre-sliced and definitely ready to be topped with all of your favorite breakfast condiments.

Like a standard English muffin, the bread has a soft interior and a crunchy, cornmeal-covered crust. The packaging suggests using the bread for sandwiches, or serving it toasted and buttered. While the sliced bread won't have the same nooks and crannies as a classic English muffin, one Trader Joe's influencer says it's sliced thick, like a sourdough loaf, and is perfect for hefty avocado toasts.

Nutrition-wise, each slice has 100 calories, 3 grams of protein and 21 carbs, which is less than the amount of carbs you'd find in a Thomas English muffin.

Commenters were ecstatic to hear about the new item, especially those who remembered Trader Joe's carrying a similar beloved product a few years back. "They stopped making that back in '08," one commenter wrote. "I've been asking for it since. If [it's] the same recipe, it's awesome. Great news." Another added that they remember eating the store's previous English muffin loaf with raspberry jam and butter—yum!

Trader Joe's store in Princeton, New Jersey
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Others were excited to notice that the bread contains no sunflower or canola oil, a major bonus for shoppers looking to avoid hydrogenated oils. And while the bread does contain gluten, one post about the new item called out Trader Joe's new gluten-free English muffins as an alternative.

English muffin bread may not be stocked at every Trader Joe's for now, but I'll definitely have my eye out for it the next time I'm on a grocery run. After all, what better bread is there to serve my ricotta toast on?

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