Ina Garten Just Gave a Tour of Her Gorgeous Garden—Here's What Was Inside

Mentally, I am in East Hampton right now.

Any casual viewer of the Food Network knows what's about to happen when Ina Garten, aka the Barefoot Contessa, mentions adding fresh herbs to a dish she's making. The camera will glide out into Garten's dreamy green space with its squared-off hedges and dense thickets of fresh herbs and bright flowers. For all of 10 seconds, it's as if the cameraperson has taken us to a higher plane of existence, where everything is wild, yet manicured, beautiful and edible.

For those of us who have only glimpsed Garten's garden for mere moments, always wanting a little more, I have great news: the Food Network star just shared a video walk-through on her Instagram. "It's a beautiful day in East Hampton, and I thought it'd be fun to take a tour of the garden," Garten says.

We begin our tour in Garten's shade garden, a peaceful area full of low-growing ferns and skyward-stretching crepe myrtles. This section of the garden has a smooth stone path weaving through the trees, plus an off-shoot path leading to what Garten calls her "secret garden"—the glamorous walled garden that you may have seen on her cooking show or Instagram.

A huge wooden door stands between the shade garden and the secret garden, where Garten shows off her tomato plants, which are climbing high up their stakes. Garten notes that some of her tomatoes are just beginning to ripen, which means lots of tomato salads ahead (or maybe her Heirloom Tomatoes with Herbed Ricotta).

As for herbs, Garten is growing sage, thyme, chives and tarragon plants throughout the garden. For home cooks without the yard space though, Garten suggests growing pots of your favorite herbs on the windowsill so you'll always have fresh herbs handy (we love these planters that double as a bookend).

Ina Garten on a designed background that includes a photo of a garden
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Also in Garten's beautiful green space are several large lavender plants that give the garden big swaths of color, plus white rose bushes and peach-colored roses climbing the garden wall. Finally, an enormous fig tree covers a large section of the wall, which Garten says she enjoys for the fresh figs and uses the beautiful, wide leaves in centerpieces.

Commenters were quick to admire Garten's selection and organization of beautiful plants with director Nancy Meyers (herself a kitchen and garden design icon) writing that the garden is "so beautiful, Ina! Wow!" Another commenter notes that the space "looks like a fairytale garden," and it's hard to disagree with that. Now, how do we get a tour of the rest of her backyard?

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