No gym membership or special equipment required!
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Kate Hudson is an award-winning actress, author, fashion entrepreneur and mother of three children. So one can only wonder how the busy mom has time to stay healthy and fit. Luckily, she just shared her low-impact, zero-equipment-required lower-body routine that just about anyone can do from home. And the best part? It only takes a few minutes to get a serious workout.

All you need to replicate Hudson's routine is a sturdy chair and optional ankle weights if you're looking for an extra challenge (like this 3-pound set from Target, $21.99). As a professional barre instructor, I can vouch that you'll definitely feel the burn from Hudson's low-impact workout whether you use weights or not. Her routine consists of three kickback variations that target the glutes, quads, abdominals and obliques. Talk about bang for your buck!

How to Do Kate Hudson's at-Home Workout

Exercise one: In the first clip, Hudson goes from a deep side lunge on her knees to a leg kickback in one fluid movement. This exercise works to stretch and elongate the inner thighs while toning her glute medius and maximus from the kickback movement. Bonus: Stretching your muscles throughout your workout elongates them and helps you to recover faster. That means having greater mobility and a lower risk of injury.

Exercise two: In the second clip, Hudson works multiple muscle groups within one fluid movement. By slowly bringing her leg straight back, then out to the side and then pointing it up towards the ceiling, she's effectively working her glutes, obliques and rectus abdominis (also known as the "six-pack" muscles). Want to try this at home? Focus on squeezing your obliques towards your incoming leg to maximize this waist-slimming movement.

Exercise three: In Hudson's final exercise, she balances her arms on the chair and kicks one leg directly behind her. By doing this, she's sculpting and lifting her gluteus medius (or the sides of her seat) by having her leg turned out and toes pointed. 

The great thing about this simple workout is that you can do it anywhere—and you don't need any fancy equipment to feel a serious burn. So grab a chair and give it a go!