Here's How to Decode Aldi's Price Tags to Get the Best Deals Every Time You Shop

The colors actually make a BIG difference.

In a head-to-head (okay, receipt-to-receipt) competition, Aldi already beats larger retailers like Kroger and Walmart at grocery prices, according to a 2019 Cheapism report. But did you know that their price tags are hiding some secrets that can save you even more dough or clue you in about limited-time items?

These little price differences can really add up over time, especially as the consumer price index has jumped 5.4% since this time last year; the largest year-over-year inflation increase since August 2008. (Grocery store prices are expected to rise by about 2 to 3% during 2021, the USDA's Economic Research Service estimates.)

Before your next stock-up session, read on for the secrets about how to decode all of Aldi's color-coded tags so you'll be an Aldi-shopping pro.

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The Secret Meaning of Aldi Price Tags

The color of the tag itself and the writing on it explains something about each product it represents, according to Aldi representatives.

  • A yellow tag can signify either an Aldi regular product, which should be in stock all year and restocked consistently, or seasonal items, which may not be in stock all year round. You can likely tell which items are seasonal just by looking at them (think: pool floats in summer or fall holiday goodies leading up to Thanksgiving).
  • A white tag with red text points to an Aldi Find, which is only available for a limited time. (Here's a recap of some of the best summer 2021 Aldi Finds. Stock up if you want them and can spot 'em, as they typically only stick around for a few weeks!)
  • A yellow tag with red text indicates an item that's on clearance. Score!
  • A red tag with arrows pointing down is an "Aldi Savers" tag. It might also be a handwritten tag that says "Prices So Low," with the new price marked. These generally point to items that the store really wants to sell, so these are usually the biggest price drops in the store. Sometimes, each product will have a sticker explaining the markdown taken at the register, say, on a package of chicken that's "Best By" date is a couple days away.

Now that you're an Aldi ace, be sure to add one of these the best wines at Aldi under $15, according to sommeliers to your list, too, so you can raise a glass to your savvy shopping.

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