Gotta blame it on the toast, baby.
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Avocado toast has been a mainstay on Instagram stories and coffee shop menus for years now—but some TikTok users say there's a new toast on the rise, and Lizzo wholeheartedly agrees. The toasty trend in question? Ricotta toast.

While TikTok posts with ricotta toast recipes have been around for months, the trend is starting to reach a fever pitch. TikTok user Victoria Reign posted her take on ricotta toast at the beginning of July, declaratively noting in her video that "ricotta toast is the new avocado toast." Reign topped her toast with drizzles of honey and raspberry balsamic glaze, plus arugula, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Now Lizzo has entered the ring with two interpretations of ricotta toast: one savory and one on the sweet side.

In a new tutorial, Lizzo starts by slicing and toasting fresh bread, which she slathers with vegan ricotta. For her savory toasts, Lizzo sautés a handful of sliced grape tomatoes in a neutral oil, tops her toast with arugula, adds her tomatoes and seasons with salt and pepper. To the sweet toast, she adds a drizzle of organic wildflower honey and red pepper flakes.

Commenters—or at least those who weren't immediately obsessed with the Harry Styles faux prayer candle (Buy it: $18, Etsy) featured in the video—are already coming up with even more variations on the trend, with some suggesting replacing the honey with balsamic glaze or agave to make the sweet toast fully vegan.

An image split in half. One half with Lizzo on a designed background and the other a photo of Ricotta toast with tomatoes
Credit: Getty Images / Frazer Harrison, Unsplash / Calum Lewis

Another visionary commenter suggested putting the two toasts together to make a delicious sandwich, which sounds heavenly. Yet another noted that they make a similar toast with goat cheese for breakfast—so ricotta had better watch its back.