Tabitha Brown's Vegan Carrot Hot Dog Is Trending Again—and We're Still Obsessed

These healthy vegan carrot hot dogs are the plant-based alternative I’ve been waiting for.

I'll be frank (pun intended): when I first saw vegan carrot hot dogs trending on the internet I wasn't sold. Some might even say it's downright disrespectful to the classic cookout staple. While you might not fool anyone into thinking this is a real hot dog, they sure are tasty. And I'm willing to bet that anyone who tries them will be shocked by how good they taste.

Tabitha Brown first posted her carrot hot dog recipe back in 2020, and since then it's racked up more than 500K views. Recently the internet decided it wanted more of this hot dog alternative, and people all over the web are sharing their spins on the twice-viral trend.

In Brown's version, all you need are five simple ingredients, some of which you probably have on hand. She starts by peeling a few carrots and cutting the tops off. Next she adds garlic powder, A1 Steak Sauce, liquid smoke, coconut aminos and agave syrup to a pot. She then adds a cup of water to the marinade and brings it to a boil. After letting the carrots boil for 20 minutes, she places them on a griddle. The savory marinade starts to thicken on each carrot, creating a flavorful coating. The griddle makes the carrots even more tender and adds the classic charred grill marks. Brown places the carrot in a bun along with some of her favorite toppings and voilà! You've got yourself an easy, low-fat and delicious dog worthy of a summer cookout.

I'm excited to see this trend resurface. I think these carrot dogs are a fun plant-based alternative to regular hot dogs and I look forward to making them all summer long! Want to try them out for yourself? We have a few variations, including: Chicago-Style Carrot Dogs, BBQ Carrot Dogs and Carrot Dog Pigs in a Blanket.

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