We’re grape-ful to have this hack in our lives.

Who doesn't love grabbing a handful of grapes for an afternoon snack? Whether you freeze them for an icy treat or snack on a few in the middle of a meeting, grapes are the kind of juicy, refreshing fruit that's hard to resist. And a new snack hack from one of our favorite Trader Joe's influencers takes your classic handful of grapes to the next level. 

Natasha Fischer, the mind behind @traderjoeslist, posted a mouthwatering Instagram reel we can't wait to replicate. Fischer's hack starts with cotton candy grapes, the designer grape variety that rightfully took over our lives a few summers ago. (Here's how to find a cotton candy grape retailer near you.) Fischer rinses six grapes and slices them in half, then slices a wedge of fresh lime, spritzing its juice over the grape halves evenly.

"It tastes just like a cotton candy Sour Patch Kid," Fischer says as she takes a bite. "It's so good." 

Other Trader Joe's fanatics in the comments were already coming up with ways to further improve the tart snack. "Freezing them makes them tasty little ice cubes," one follower wrote. Another echoed that freezing the lime juice-doused grapes made them "even better!!!" Fischer cosigned the freezer method, responding with heart-eyes and thumbs-up after saying she tried them frozen as well.

And at least one commenter said the snack was kid-tested, parent-approved. "Tried today and my 12[-year-old] loved it! 😍," one mom wrote. Plus, there was good news in the comment section for folks whose grocery stores are sold out of cotton candy grapes: this hack adds a deliciously sour-sweet punch to standard table grapes, too.

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