The last thing I want to do on a hot day is turn on my stove and heat the house up even more. That's where these easy no-cook dinners come in handy.
Eat-the-Rainbow Chopped Salad with Basil & Mozzarella

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As much as I love summer, I'm quickly reminded that I don't always handle the heat well! And with the high temps and humidity we've been having in Vermont—and that many are experiencing all over the country—the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is turn on the stove and heat up the house even more. Even grilling outside feels too hot right now, which is exactly why I love this week of easy no-cook meals. These dinners are just as satisfying as ever and will help you feel cool and refreshed, even on the hottest of nights.

Your Meal Plan

Prosciutto, Mozzarella & Melon Plate

Crisp, colorful salads are the first thing I think of for no-cook dinners, and while we do have some delicious salads here (like the Eat-the-Rainbow Chopped Salad with Basil & Mozzarella pictured above), there's a lot more to this week's menu than just salad. Tuesday's Salmon-Stuffed Avocados recipe utilizes convenient canned salmon to create a satisfying and healthy dinner, and Sunday's Fiesta Appetizer Board, which pairs our Zesty Avocado Black Bean Dip with fresh fruits, veggies and various dippers, takes snacking for dinner to a whole new level. Plus, it's a great recipe for a group, if you happen to be celebrating the 4th of July with family and friends.

The Prosciutto, Mozzarella & Melon Picnic Plate—which is one of the tastiest flavor combos of the summer—ends this week of no-cook dinners and helps kick off the (hopefully cooler) weekend. 

Monday: Eat-the-Rainbow Chopped Salad with Basil & Mozzarella (Double up the serving size to make this side salad a meal.)

Tuesday: Salmon-Stuffed Avocados with mixed greens topped with Sherry Dijon Vinaigrette

Wednesday: Italian Pesto Chicken Salad over toasted bread & with a side of mixed greens topped with Sherry Dijon Vinaigrette

Meal-Prep Breakfast

3-Ingredient Tropical Tangerine Smoothie
Credit: Carolyn Hodges, M.S., RDN

The 3-ingredient combination of frozen tropical fruit, creamy kefir and tart tangerine (or orange) juice is my favorite smoothie of the moment. I love the convenience of using a bagged frozen tropical fruit medley—you get a bunch of different fruits and flavors out of one single ingredient. And kefir is definitely the way to go. The thicker texture helps to make this smoothie super creamy.

Treat Yourself

Ginger-Thyme Sparkling Lemonade
Credit: Eva Kolenko

If you happen to be celebrating the 4th of July with friends and family this weekend, then you'll be happy to see this big-batch cocktail (or mocktail) on the menu. It's full of bright ginger flavor and is a super-refreshing drink for hot days. I also really love the herby hint of thyme in this cocktail. I bet it'd also be tasty if you were to use rosemary or even basil!

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