Jessica Alba Just Gave TikTok Pesto Eggs the Delicious Upgrade of Our Dreams

This is the breakfast mashup we never knew we needed.

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Pesto eggs, like so many of its TikTok trendy forebears, came into our lives like a whirlwind. The hyper-popular breakfast idea involved heating pesto in a skillet and cooking fried or scrambled eggs in the sauce. Pesto's nutty, cheesy, herby flavor brought impressive flavor to a quick breakfast, which made it a perfect weekday morning meal.

Now Jessica Alba—actress, co-founder of The Honest Company and part-time cooking instructor—is putting a new twist on pesto eggs that we can't wait to try out. Her method expands on the original idea by TikTok user Amy Wilichowski by adding salsa and pico de gallo to the mix for easy breakfast tacos.

Alba starts with the standard spoonful of pesto (she uses Filippo Berio Classic Basil Pesto; $10 for 6.7 ounces, Amazon), then adds a generous pour of fire-roasted salsa from Sprouts and two spoonfuls of pico de gallo. She combines the ingredients in her skillet, bringing the heat up to a simmer, before cracking six eggs into the bubbling sauce. She then covers her skillet and lets the eggs cook until set.

While the eggs are cooking, Alba warms flour tortillas on the griddle, adding shredded cheese to one side for some "crispy cheese." She adds one cooked egg, sauce and some fresh salsa to the cheesy side of each tortilla before digging in. Alba called the final product her "pico de gallo pesto eggy tacos."

To cut down on the carbs and add in some more veggies, you could swap the flour tortillas for these delish Zucchini Tortillas. If you're being mindful of your sodium intake, check the sodium content of the store-bought pesto and salsa you choose. While pesto can definitely be a healthy choice, you can manage its nutritional value best when you make it at home. Here's our Classic Basil Pesto recipe — but you can also make a pesto out of any herb you have in the kitchen.

Friends and fans were quick to chime in on Alba's Instagram post, relatably voicing their salivating reaction to her taco tutorial. One commenter suggested trading the tortillas for tortilla strips for a chilaquiles-inspired option. Another fan requested that Alba "please pass the plate ❤️," and we heartily agree.

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