Cool off with this island-inspired snack that's a breeze to make.
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TikTok food trends have inspired us to try (or return to) many brilliant combos, from pasta with Calabrian chilis and feta tomatoes to blueberries cookies and pickle juice hummus.

And hot on the heels of the daiquiri-inspired boozy berries that we 👏 just 👏 can't 👏 quit during this heat wave, TikTok user Bee Tinoco has designed one seriously refreshing 2-ingredient recipe that we added immediately added to our 4th of July menu after spotting it. We're not the only fans of the idea, apparently, as her quick demo video has racked up more than 2.5 million views.

It tastes like a beachy piña colada cocktail in one cool, no-shaker-required recipe! To try the spirited fruit snack yourself, you just need:

If you're using the jarred spears, drain off the liquid. Otherwise stick the spears in a vessel and add as much of the coconut rum as you like. (Warning: The more booze you add, the stronger these will taste!) Then pop the rum-coated spears in the refrigerator overnight, the enjoy the next day for the best texture and flavor. Want to be extra festive? Dish them up in this adorable pineapple bowl! (Buy it: $12 on Amazon)

We have visions of sticking a spear in a glass of Trader Joe's Sparkling Lemonade to stretch the tropical flavor and hydrate all at once. And any extras we'll certainly be slicing into cubes to toss into a fruit salad (with non-boozy fruit for balance!). We think either would pair perfectly with a day at the beach, fireworks-viewing parties, or a backyard barbecue.

Tempted by the concept and now in the mood for a real piña colada? Don't miss our holiday-worthy Piña Colada in a Pineapple. Or for a zero-proof alternative, you can't beat these Virgin Banana Piña Colada Pops. Cheers to the long holiday weekend!