This Might Be the Cutest Outdoor Sprinkler Ever—and It's Under $30

Grab an icy mojito or glass of lemonade, position your lawn chair accordingly and prepare to stay cool as a cucumber.

two kids playing in a sprinkler shaped like a watermelon
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With many of the 48 contiguous states in the thick of a scorching summer heat wave at 10 degrees or more above average for weeks on end, there's never been a better time to drink ALL the water, cool off with a nightly scoop of nice cream and spend as much time indoors or in the shade as possible.

And there's never been a better time to stay cool when you are outdoors with our new favorite yard discovery: The Watermelon Outdoor Sprinkler!

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Watermelon Outdoor Sprinkler


Not only is it appropriately designed for peak watermelon season, but it also offers a subtle reminder to snack on one of the most naturally hydrating foods on the planet. Plus, the melon sprinkler sprays water in several directions—so everyone at the party (and your grass) can get a good spritz!

To use the 28-inch beach ball-like sprinkler, simply hook it up to any standard garden hose. Twist the hose end into the nozzle located on the rind side of the sprinkler, turn the hose water source "on," and prepare for a refreshing shower.

One of many products from the inflatable brand Poolcandy, it's a member of their "Sunny Day Essentials" along with a watermelon "sunning" pool (or, you know, shading pool), unicorn pool float, a beach towel and your favorite swimsuit.

Just add a big pitcher of minty mojitos (or mojito mocktails) and that sounds like the recipe for a perfect heat wave day!

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