This Easy TikTok Hack Will Help You Remove Avocado Pits Without Any Special Tools

We're obsessed with this simple, free and foolproof hack!

Guacamole and avocado toast lovers, rejoice! TikTok has done it again and this time the hack could save you a trip to the hospital. No, but seriously, researchers at Emory University estimate 50,413 avocado-related knife injuries have occurred from 1998 to 2017, with more than half of them happening since 2013. It's so common that many hospitals have nicknamed the injury "avocado hand."

Aside from the risk of injury, nothing is more annoying than bruising or mangling that perfectly ripe avocado by trying to excavate its pit with a spoon or tool that doesn't really work.

This is where TikTok's sushi chef and content creator, Cho @_mynameischo saved the day with a ridiculously simple hack that only requires two fingers. Cho starts by slicing the avocado vertically and twisting the two halves apart. He then places his index and middle fingers on either side of the pit and simply uses his thumb to push the pit forward from the back and pop it out.

Since this video went viral, hundreds of other videos have popped up replicating the trend on both firm and soft avocados. So far it's worked perfectly every time. Our Senior Food Editor, Megan O. Steintrager even gave it a whirl, "I was a bit surprised by how well this trick worked—when I tried it, the pit popped out just like in the video. She adds, "The pressure slightly dented the avocado, but didn't cause any bruising. I'm sold!"

So next time you go for that elaborate pit removal, stop what you're doing and give this pit-popping hack a try.

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