Just when we thought this viral trend couldn’t get any better!

Whether you're an avid social media user or only browse your feed from time to time, you've probably heard of the Baked Feta trend that went viral earlier this year (we have this Baked Tomato & Feta Pasta if you still need to get your fix). The recipe was crafted by the Finnish food blogger Jenni Hayrinen back in 2019 and it's no wonder it took the internet by storm. Juicy cherry tomatoes and an entire block of salty feta cheese get sprinkled with Italian seasoning and baked until soft and golden. You then mash everything together and top it over your favorite pasta with fresh basil for a rich and savory meal. Easy, seasonal and delicious. 

Even though the recipe went viral months ago food bloggers, chefs and amateurs alike are still finding ways to update this loved trend. Martha Stewart even got in on the fun with her own version. We thought we had seen it all until we came across Feel Good Foodie'sBaked Feta Soup and were immediately intrigued.

The recipe starts off pretty similar to the original. You grab a baking dish, some cherry tomatoes, a block of feta and roast everything with olive oil and seasonings. But then Yumna switches things up by sauteing chopped onions and seasoning before adding a can of crushed tomatoes and vegetable broth to the large pot. She then adds the baked feta and tomatoes along with fresh basil and orzo. Yumna stirs everything together and after simmering for 20 minutes the mixture thickens to a rich and creamy soup!

We think this recipe is pure genius for using up those fresh tomatoes from your garden or the farmers market during their peak season. Plus, it calls for pantry items like canned tomatoes and grains that you probably already have on hand. Serve it with some crusty bread or a big green salad for lunch or dinner.