11 Healthy Foods Coming to Aldi This June

You're definitely going to want the zippy pickle de gallo and budget-friendly rosé for your next summer cookout!

Just like when we shop at Target, most of Team EatingWell can never quite stick to our lists at Aldi. Wait, a patio-perfect fire pit for less than $130 and a fiddle leaf fig tree for $13? Need!

While we'll probably always end up with a few extra items in our cart we didn't exactly set out to buy, we're pretty delighted by the new crop of products Aldi just revealed will be released this month. Just in time for summer, the retailer is launching new protein-rich snacks, thirst-quenching French rosé, vacation-inspired seafood dinners and more.

We combed through the June 2021 "Aldi Finds" list to hand-pick the best of the best in seasonal and healthy-ish food and drinks. Here's what we'll be buying on our next Aldi run (along with a few other things…).

2 Healthy Aldi Finds Already Available

Specially Selected Everything Bagel Cold Smoked Salmon

everything bagel smoked salmon

Similar to Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel Smoked Salmon that launched in 2019, this high-protein option is a catch served atop a cream cheese-schmeared bagel, layered into a Nordic snack platter, sliced and served as part of a salad or grain bowl or stacked on top avocado toast. Sold for $3.99 per 3-ounce pouch, this spiced-up smoked salmon launched June 2 so it should be rolling out in an Aldi near you now—if not already there.

Antoine Delaune Beaujolais Rosé

aldi rose wine

If you like high-quality vino at crazy-affordable prices, you can't do much better than stocking up at Aldi. (ICYMI, here are the best Aldi wines under $15, according to sommeliers.) New to the lineup: This just-released French rosé. If it's anything like other Aldi-sold rosés we've sipped from similar growing regions, this $7.99-per-750-milliliter-bottle option is destined to be crisp, citrusy, refreshing and ideal for pairing with seafood or a cheese board.

9 Healthy Aldi Finds Launching Later This Month

Simms Chilled Snack Sticks (Pork or Chicken)

pork/chicken snack sticks

Similar to beef jerky, but made with zero sugar added and pork or chicken instead of red meat, these low-carb snacks pack in 13 to 14 grams of protein for one 130- to 160-calorie serving. We plan to snag one or two for a satisfying "emergency snack" to fight off any impending cases of the hangries. Available June 9, these sticks will be sold for $3.49 per 8-ounce package.

Park Street Deli Protein Snack Selects

protein snack packs

In similar snack news and also hitting shelves June 9, these high-protein snack packs will be just $1.16 each ($3.49 per three-pack). Each kit comes with colby Jack cheese and turkey sausage in an ideal mini meal size: each pack has 140 calories and 10 grams of protein.

Burman's Sriracha Aioli Spread

sriracha aioli spread

Dill pickle mustard, truffle ketchup, Bloody Mary salsa, and now sriracha aioli?! Our burgers and hot dogs have never tasted better. This mayo-based sauce gets a little zip from red chile peppers, and has 90 calories per tablespoon—so we plan to spread on a thin, yet flavorful layer. Launching on June 9, this aioli will be available for $1.99 per 12-ounce bottle.

Park Street Deli Mudslide Cocktail Dessert Hummus

mudslide cocktail dessert hummus

Dessert hummus started as a 2018 food trend that we thought could be just a blip (but hoped it wouldn't!). The sweet bean dips have enough staying power to be timeless at this point, it seems, especially with this coming-soon addition to the menu: a gluten-free and vegan chocolate hummus infused with cream and coffee flavors. Each 2-tablespoon serving has 90 calories. Find it in the refrigerated section starting June 9 for $1.95 per 8-ounce container.

Fremont Fish Market Seafood Boil

seafood boil

If a coastal vacation isn't in the cards this summer, you can still savor a similar flavor experience—and for a steal! Beginning June 9, you can find a 35.13-ounce freezer bag jam-packed with raw shrimp, corn on the cob, mussels, red skin potatoes, andouille sausage, and Cajun-style seasoning for just $9.99 at Aldi. Store one or two in your freezer for your next post-vaccination potluck, then just pour it all into a pot, boil and you'll be ready to serve in about 10 minutes.

Season's Choice Fiesta Quinoa Blend

fiesta quinoa

A quick-fix whole grain side dish is an ideal way to round out any meal. Another seasonal product to seek out while in the freezer aisle: this vibrant and colorful veggie-spiked blend. Relaunching June 9 (this is a seasonal fan favorite), this 12-ounce, heat-and-eat kit is just $2.95. It showcases spelt, red rice, white quinoa, vegetables and sauce. Yum!

Grillo's Fresh "Pickle de Gallo"

pickle de-gallo

The world will never include quite enough pickle-flavored things if you ask us. (Well, except for pickle seltzer and pickle candy canes...those can retire any time now.) Joining the briny brigade on June 23 is a condiment that is sure to upgrade picnics and cookouts from coast to cost this summer: a mild pickle-based salsa, with a name inspired by the texturally-similar condiment, pico de gallo. Watch for it in the refrigerator section in $3.79 14-ounce containers.

Park Street Deli Romesco or Black Bean Dip

romesco or black bean dip

The first time we're in charge of appetizer duty after these two dips are released on June 23, you better believe they'll be invited to the party. A big pile of crudités and crackers are all these creamy dips need to be the perfect starter. Sold for $2.89 per 8-ounce container, the 45-calorie-per-2-tablespoon black bean dip is made with black beans, red peppers and chickpeas, and the or 120-calorie-per-2-tablespoon romesco is a blend of fresh roasted red peppers, almonds and tomatoes.

Fresh Sweet Bourbon Cedar Plank Salmon

cedar plank salmon

While we love adding flaky, tender, heart-healthy fish to our grilling menus, it's not so "grate" when it falls apart and into the charcoal (see what we did there?!). The cedar plank that holds this bourbon-infused salmon officially puts an end to that problem, plus it lends a lovely smoky, nutty quality to the fish as it cooks. Watch for this $9.99-per-pound grill-ready entrée on June 30.

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