What Beyoncé Eats in a Day to Stay Fit and Fierce

Hint: Pizza is on the menu!

If you're familiar with Beyoncé Knowles' song lyrics, you're likely well aware that the singer-songwriter/fashion designer/mom/wife to Jay-Z has hot sauce in her bag and enjoys making lemonade out of lemons. But how else does Beyoncé fuel up to stay so fit at 39?

Netflix's Homecoming documentary chronicled the celeb's prep for her epic Coachella performance, which included hours of strenuous workouts, dance rehearsals and a 44-day vegan diet following Marco Borges' 22-Day Nutrition program.

But her typical routine isn't always that strict. Here's what Beyoncé eats on a typical, non-concert day as she continues her quest to Run the World.

What Beyoncé Eats in a Day


A morning meal is essential to power her through a busy day—whether it's shared with daughter Blue Ivy and Jay-Z, invested in designing a new fashion line, exercising or recording.

"I always have breakfast—say, scrambled egg whites, a vegetable smoothie or whole-grain cereal with lowfat milk," Beyoncé tells SHAPE. We think she'd be a big fan of our Parmesan Cloud Eggs or Strawberry-Banana Green Smoothie.

Throughout the day, she aims to drink at least a gallon of water with lemon, and leans into as many whole, unprocessed foods as possible.


"For lunch and dinner I eat a lot of fish and vegetables," she says in that same SHAPE interview.

But that doesn't mean carbs are off the menu. Quinoa, pita and even the occasional fry might make appearances every so often, based on the looks of her @beyonce Instagram feed.


Between meals, Beyoncé might nosh on some popcorn or a protein bar with fruit.


During the week, dinner is often lean protein plus more veggies. Come Sundays and on date nights, Beyoncé allows for a little more wiggle room. Italian restaurant fare from hotspots like Mamo, Bar Pitti and Lucali are dine-out faves when the fam is in NYC. A perfect Bey Day Sunday, according to a chat with PEOPLE, includes "No work, not even a discussion about work; lunch at my favorite pizzeria; having a glass of red wine; and watching Game of Thrones."

"I always treat myself to one meal on Sundays when I can have whatever I want. Usually it's pizza, which is my favorite indulgence," she tells SHAPE.

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The Bottom Line

Beyoncé is honest about the effort it takes to stay in shape.

"I'm not a naturally thin person. I have to work for it," she tells SHAPE.

And while her vegan challenges and rare restrictive diets in which she just "ate lettuce," make headlines, you can tell these aren't her long-term solution when she responds with statements like, "I'm gonna get chocolate-wasted!" after eating a very low-calorie diet before a big concert tour.

On the whole, Beyoncé's diet seems well-balanced, although we'd imagine she'd feel less like overdosing on cocoa if she allowed herself a square each day and a few more calories. Perhaps vegan before 6 p.m., plus a glass of red wine, chocolate and a bit of seafood for dinner might be a good long-term fit?

She is Queen Bey, after all, and deserves to feel Flawless while having a little wiggle room 80/20-style.

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