It's not just for Moscow mules and martinis!
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If you entertain or like to tinker around with home mixology every so often, you probably have a bottle of vodka as part of your home bar. We're guessing that bottle of Tito's or King St. vodka doesn't often make it into the laundry room, though. It's high time to change that, one cleaning expert suggests—but not for drinking while you clean or fold your clothes!

Patric Richardson, a self-proclaimed "laundry evangelist," recommends keeping a spray bottle filled with vodka in your laundry room to help clear up any lingering smells.

"You need to have vodka in your bar—and your laundry room," Richardson says in the trailer for his new discovery /HGTV show The Laundry Guy.

"There's this wonderful customer that comes to my store, and she always wants to give me a hug, and when she leaves I smell like [perfume]," Richardson says in an Apartment Therapy interview, explaining the concept further. "I go in the stock room and have one of my sales people spray me with vodka to take that away."

Vodka is clear-colored and odorless once it dries, so there's no need to worry that you'll smell like you spilled your drink after you run your clothes through the usual wash cycle. Instead, the liquor's high alcohol content and antibacterial properties (which you can learn more about in this complete guide to cleaning with vodka) work well to neutralize a wide variety of scents.

"You can spray your gym bag with vodka; if you go to your favorite restaurant and you leave [smelling like food], you can spray that [outfit] with vodka; If you stand next to a smoker, you can spray that with vodka," Richard tells Apartment Therapy.

As you place your next Drizly order to refill any almost-empty bottles, be sure to snag a bottle of vodka ($27.99 for 1 liter, Drizly) to split wisely: half to add to your laundry supplies and half to shake up these 17 fan-favorite vodka cocktail recipes. Cheers to multitasking!