5 Products to Help You Make Delicious Coffee at Home

Become your own barista.

Wake up to the smell of coffee by making your morning brew at home. Whether you're a fan of cold brew, cappuccino or just need caffeine in any form, you can easily make your favorite drinks at home. Check out these five products that will allow you to create a budget-friendly coffee shop experience from the comfort of your kitchen (and your pajamas).

5 Budget-Friendly Products to Make Coffee at Home

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Stumptown Coffee Roasters Nitro Cold Brew

Stumptown Nitro Cold Brew

There are many ready-to-drink cold brew options on the market. Stumptown has embraced the current coffee craze by charging theirs with nitrogen, for an especially smooth mouthfeel and a creamy head.

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Copper Cow Pour-Over Set

Copper Cow Coffee Pour Over Set Cream
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This women-owned company specializes in DIY, Vietnamese-style coffee. Simply pour hot water over sachets of dark roast, then top with the included packets of sweetened condensed milk.

Buy it: Amazon, $15

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Oatly! Barista Edition Oat Milk

Oaly Barista Edition

Not only does it resist curdling (an issue with many non-dairy creamers), Oatly's barista milk isn't overly sweet, and whips up perfectly into ethereal foam.

Buy it: Target, $4.49

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Reddi-Wip Barista Series Sweet Foam Coffee Topper

Reddi Whip Barista Series - Sweet Foam
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Those cans have a childhood nostalgia factor and now they're made specially for coffee. This foam for budding baristas is designed to turn your coffee into a cappuccino at the push of a nozzle.

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Starbucks Cold Brew Single Serve Concentrate

Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee Single Serve Concentrate
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Pour the contents of this small cup over ice and just add water or even milk for a glass of cold brew—with that signature Starbucks depth of flavor—anytime. The individual size is ideal for stashing in a bag or desk drawer.

Buy it: Target, $8

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