Save $100(!) on this stylish and safe knife holder.
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Zwilling J.A. Henckels Bamboo Magnetic Knife Stand
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You know that slot-topped knife block that sits on many kitchen counters? It looks nice and is handy to keep tools close, but many of these are hiding a surprising amount of bacteria. In fact, they ranked seventh on the list of top 10 germiest items in the average American kitchen (just behind the freezer ice dispenser and the refrigerator meat compartment), according to a report from the independent testing organization NSF International.

So what's a chop-happy home chef to do?

In addition to frequent cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting (yep, they're all different things!), we suggest adjusting your kitchen storage strategy in a chic—and now surprisingly affordable—way with this bamboo magnetic knife easel. Instead of slots that can trap yeast cells, mold, foodborne bacteria and germs of other kinds, this easel is open-air and a breeze to clean. And for a limited time, this beautiful board is marked down $100!

Zwilling Bamboo Magnetic Knife Easel
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The magnetic interior keeps the knives safely in place when not in use, and the bamboo is not only durable but it's also moisture-resistant to keep those blades as sharp as possible and stunning to look at.

"We love this to display our knives; it looks great in our kitchen. The knives attach securely and are also easy to remove," one reviewer raves.

While it's probably not the best choice if you have a cat or little kiddos that climb around on counters, the magnet inside is strong enough to keep things affixed unless jostled out of place.

Another fan adds: "Besides being good looking, the easel makes it easy to select the knife that you want to use. It is also easy to have on the counter under a cabinet because I don't have to move the stand out away from the cabinet."

Plus, it's nearly 70% off the original list price. So what are you waiting for? Chop to it and get your own Zwilling Bamboo Magnetic Knife Easel here. (And while you're awaiting its arrival, conquer this spring cleaning checklist to ensure your kitchen is squeaky clean for all your culinary adventures ahead.)