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When TikTok first rose in popularity, it was mostly about celeb sneak peeks, dance crazes and people skateboarding to Fleetwood Mac while drinking cranberry juice straight from the bottle. But as the social media network has evolved, it's now home to millions of life hacks, including cleaning tricks and delicious recipes.

Many of our current favorite TikTok food trends either revolve around:

  1. Brilliant ways to add more fruits veggies to any meal (ahem, bell pepper nachos, blueberry cookies and smashed Brussels sprouts)
  2. Carb remixes (such as the four-part tortilla hack or THE feta pasta)
  3. Ideas to mix up a ho-hum breakfast routine

Now that we've mastered TikTok egg pockets, we've been searching for new ideas to tackle the third topic, and landed on one seriously smart way to make an omelet. Food blogger and TikTok superstar Yumna Jawad of Feel Good Foodie says that the key to the best omelet is to turn the whole concept on its head. Okay, it's actually to turn it inside out!

"Start with some shredded cheese on a heated skillet," Jawad explains in the how-to video as she sprinkles a thin, even layer of finely shredded cheese over the bottom of a pan. "Add two whisked eggs right on top. Season with salt, pepper and herbs, then fold it over and look how crispy that looks!"

You can hear the cheese sizzling and see it coat the folded eggs in a golden, melty blanket. Jawad garnishes with more fresh herbs, and pairs the omelet with about ¼ sliced avocado and ½ cup lightly roasted grape tomatoes for "such a great low-carb breakfast" that's "so good," Jawad says after taking a bite for a taste test.

Preparing an omelet
Credit: Getty Images / Mauricio Graiki

Search #insideoutomelet on TikTok and you'll score additional inspiration for inside out egg dishes (AKA "reverse omelets"). Other home cooks added chopped bacon or mushrooms and jalapeño slices atop their eggs to act as the "filling" to the cheese-coated omelet, and a few got creative with the toppings, adding scoops of salsa, hot sauce and plain Greek yogurt.

There seem to be two secrets to success to ace the inside-out omelet trend:

  1. Using a super-slick nonstick pan. Otherwise, the cheese will likely get cemented on the pan and be a pain to scrub off. Try this GreenPan Paris 10-Inch Aluminum Open Fry Pan (buy it: $49.99, Target) for an eco-friendly, nonstick and easy-flip omelet maker.
  2. Allowing the cheese to cook just enough on its own. Give the fromage a head start before adding the eggs. This will ensure the cheese will stay on the exterior of the eggs—rather than mix right in—and will help you achieve that craveable, golden and crunchy coating. Gently pour the eggs on top after the cheese melts but before it begins to darken and you'll be all set.

Now that we've studied up, we're definitely going to add this omelet idea to our brunch menu this weekend. Ready to join us? With these 50 inspiring omelet filling ideas in your back pocket, you'll now have a new inside out omelet to try nearly every weekend for a year.