TikTok's Low-Carb Twist on Nachos Is a Brilliant Way to Sneak in More Veggies

All the crunch, just with fewer calories and carbs.

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Just five ingredients stand between you and quite possibly the freshest and most filling platter of nachos yet, according to one buzzy TikTok food trend!

Hot on the heels of other savvy ways to add more fruits and vegetables and subtract a few calories and carbs from recipes (see also: bell pepper "bun" burgers, smashed Brussels sprouts and mandarine orange "sorbet"), this easy nacho recipe will be an asset to have in your repertoire both for simply solo snacking at home and as we start to gather again post-vaccination for potlucks and picnics.

Like a mash-up of stuffed peppers and regular chip-based nachos, admittedly, this concept isn't exactly brand new. In fact, Joy Bauer, RD, included a ground turkey version in her April 2020 cookbook Joy Bauer's Superfood! (buy it: $17.84 on Amazon). Other variations on the bell pepper nacho theme have been swirling around the blogosphere since around 2017.

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Still, these nachos are having a full-fledged comeback/TikTok takeover thanks to the large followings of popular low-carb recipe creators, bloggers and personalities who are putting their own creative spin on it—and racking up hundreds of comments and hundreds of thousands of views. This five-ingredient how-to from TikTok user and food blogger Janelle Rohner, for example, has been watched more than 680,000 times. 🤯

"These were absolutely incredible," Rohner says.

To make them yourself, simply slice stemmed and seeded bell peppers into wedges. Stuff each wedge with pulled pork, spoon on some guacamole, garnish with diced fresh cilantro and white onion, then top each "nacho" with a small scoop of salsa.

We love that this adds fiber, vitamins and freshness to the familiar nacho toppings, and adore that it's completely customizable. Have leftover chicken? Shred it and use instead of the pork. Vegetarian? Try mashed black beans. Hate cilantro? Nigella Lawson has a stellar substitution you can use here too!

And if you're not big on bell peppers, our Test Kitchen has you covered with more healthy nacho recipe makeovers. (Don't miss our favorite, Cauliflower Chicken Nachos.)

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