This fruity treat looks super refreshing!
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Have you heard about "Nature's Cereal"? Nope, it's not a new organic brand of oats or shredded wheat. It's another TikTok food trend that has earned thousands of raves on the popular social media site—including a big thumbs up and an "I'm addicted y'all" review from Lizzo. Our friends at SHAPE describe it as "food trends that are undeniably worth trying," although, "on its own isn't a balanced meal."

That's because the recipe—believed to be originally shared by TikTok user @natures_food—calls for just fruit (often berries and pomegranate arils) topped with coconut water, served in a bowl just as you might cover bran flakes with milk. It's hydrating, packed with electrolytes and offers some fiber, but is lacking on the fat and protein front to be a full meal in itself. (Add a side of a couple eggs or a slice of nut-butter topped toast, and now we're talking!)

Blueberry bowl on white background with copy space in rustic style
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But we could definitely see this as a refreshing snack or dessert, especially as temperatures rise throughout spring and summer. Which is where this new concept comes in: Fitness instructor, blogger and TikTok celeb @blogilates (AKA Cassey Ho) introduced us to "Nature's Ice Cream."

"If you loved nature's cereal, you might want to give nature's ice cream a try," Ho says in the how-to video.

Pour some frozen blueberries in a bowl, top with some almond milk, then mix it up for about 1 minute (or until slushy in consistency), she suggests. You can eat it as-is with a spoon, "but if you want it to be more sweet, grab some monkfruit sweetener," Ho says, as she sprinkles in some Lankato Monkfruit Sweetener (buy it: $5.97 for 8.2 ounces on Amazon).

Commenters are chiming in to say, "It is my favorite!" and offering other ingredient ideas: "This was tasty! I used a little bit of maple syrup to sweeten—so good."

Other TikTok-ers are topping coconut whipped cream with berries or using a blender to mix up almond milk with berries and bananas and calling it nature's ice cream too....which begs the question: Where does this trend end and smoothie territory or a dressed-up fruit salad begin?

While we'll always prefer a little bit of the real thing when we're craving ice cream—and think the consistency of frozen banana "nice cream" is more soft serve-like—this does sound like a cool and tasty mid-afternoon treat when we're in the mood for an ice pop.