You’ve done it again, Joe.
Florida, Miami Beach, Trader Joe's, grocery store exterior and entrance
Credit: Getty Images / Jeff Greenber

I absolutely love Trader Joe's, but it can be overwhelming to shop there in person when you don't know exactly what you want. The store is always adding new products and it can be easy to get sucked in to the latest snack or trendy item instead of getting what you really need. Even if you already have some go-to TJ's products, having an organized list will make your shopping experience way easier and ultimately save you money.

To help their loyal fans out, Trader Joe's just added a "shopping list" section to their website where you can browse products, add to your shopping list and even filter by dietary preferences. So far, there are only a few hundred items on the site, which doesn't represent their full inventory, but it's a great place to get some ideas or discover new products. You can filter items by selecting "Kosher," "Vegan," "Gluten Free," "Dairy Free," "Free Trade" and "Organic," or select other fun filters such as "Desk Drawer," "Dinner Hack," "Treat Yourself" and "Mouth on Fire." When you find items that pique your interest, you can add them to your virtual shopping list. When you're done, select the "Print This List" feature and take it with you when you head to the store.