They taste like a cookie-muffin mash-up—and just so happen to be 100% plant-based!
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TikTok is home to cleaning hacks, dance crazes and surprisingly brilliant food trends. To date, almost all of the most viral recipes have involved creative riffs on carbs of some sort, be it wool roll bread, THE feta pasta (remade thousands of ways, including a tasty plant-based rendition by Lizzo), four-way tortillas and baked oats.

A certain vibrant indigo cookie is now making waves—and our ovens are already preheating so we can whip up our own batch! Although you'd probably never guess it, these beauties are naturally colored and completely vegan.

lueberry Cookies by Justine Snacks
Credit: Justine Snacks

Recipe developer and blogger Justine Snacks, the "niche cookie TikTok" queen, baked through 35 different twists on chocolate chip cookie recipes, and this fruity, dairy-free treat is quite possibly the greatest of all.

So what makes them so blue-tiful?

"The real star of this recipe totally is the frozen blueberries," Justine says in the how-to video for the goodies. "Thaw them until they're nice and jammy, then just add them in with the wet ingredients."

The frozen berries replace the egg in this healthy cookie recipe and lend structure and a lovely soft and light texture.

"It tastes as if a blueberry muffin were a cookie," Justine adds about this recipe, which she created in partnership with the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council. "They are soft in the middle, crispy on the edges and are filled with melt-in-you-mouth goodness."

Cookies that taste like muffins and are packed with antioxidants? Sign. Us. Up.

To bring the streusel topping vibes, Justine replaces the typical dark chocolate chips with dairy-free white chocolate chips (such as King David Vegan Lactose-Free Non-Dairy Kosher White Chocolate Flavored Chips; $17.99 for four, 8.8-ounce bags on Amazon although you could certainly use regular white chocolate chips if you like!).

"I just baked these tonight and I have never been quite so thrilled about a cookie recipe—and I've baked a lot of cookies!. Not only do these come out my favorite color but they are incredibly tasty," one blog reader raves.

Another compared the flavor to blueberry Pop -Tarts, and another says they are "absolutely DIVINE" drizzled with a lemon glaze.

Justine's how-to post for these Blueberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies is full of helpful hints to end up with cookies that look as impressive as hers, and also offers some tasty-sounding variations. If you don't have or don't love blueberries, you could also try the same concept with strawberries, raspberries, cherries or currants, she suggests.

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