Trader Joe's New Honey Pearl Grapes Taste Like Lychee—and We Can't Wait to Get Our Hands on Them

Some shoppers say they're even more delicious when frozen.

Specialty grapes are all the rage these days, from classic hard to source varietals like Champagne grapes or muscadet grapes, to the kid-friendly Cotton Candy grapes. Whether you are looking for a perfect healthy snack, an ingredient for cooking, or an addition to your latest charcuterie board masterpiece, grapes are always a perfect addition.

And if you are a grape lover, get yourself over to Trader Joe's to get the latest greatest grape to hit the marketplace! Trader Joe's has launched their Honey Pearl grapes, and everyone is going crazy for them. These grapes have a honeyed hue with a slight blush, a good snap and the flavor is the ideal blend of floral and fruity. Some shoppers have compared the taste to lychee or other tropical fruits.

While you will love these sweet treats as is, you can also go a step further. Many commenters on @TraderJoesGeek's Instagram post say that Trader Joe's Honey Pearl grapes are a delicious warm-weather treat when frozen. You could also add them to your fruit salad for those hits of sweetness or suspend them in lemon or apricot gelatin for a fun dessert. Because of the natural sweetness, they can take both heat and acid, so think about pickling them with chilies for your appetizer spreads. You can do a sheet-pan supper by roasting them along with sweet Italian sausages and shallots, for a sweet and sour supper the whole family will love. And they are wonderful in cocktails, either muddled for spritzes or just as a garnish.

Whatever you do with them, we know the Trader Joe's honey pearl grapes are going to be an instant favorite. But be forewarned, as with any Trader Joe's product, they are not guaranteed to be in stock at all stores and can disappear at any time! Don't hesitate to call ahead to see if they have them, and if they do, don't sleep on stocking up.

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