This brand-new sauce looks 🔥.

Hot on the heels of our roundup of the 7 best Indian-inspired foods at Trader Joe's, the trendy market's crew members sparked a hot debate to tip us off to this list:

In honor of the launch of their new Thai Style Green Chili Sauce, they ask, "What's your favorite Thai-inspired TJ's product?" And less than one day later, they've rounded up dozens of comments and more than 7,500 ❤️s for this punchy sauce and this hot topic of discussion. So we surveyed the conversation as well as recent employee faves and came up with your top five must-buys, according to the brand's most loyal fans.

New York City Trader Joe's storefront
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The 5 Best Thai-Inspired Products at Trader Joe's, According to Customers and Employees

"One of our favorite aspects of Thai cuisine, and pad thai in particular, is the meticulous, dare-we-say symphonic balance of flavors. In a great Thai dish, you'll find sweet, sour, spicy, salty and umami, combining into one truly fantastic feast for the senses," the Trader Joe's team says. We could not agree more, and are adding these five gems to our next Trader Joe's shopping list to experience that blissful symphony in a variety of Thai recipes.

Thai Style Green Chili Sauce

Yep, even though it was just released, this sauce is already being dubbed "absolutely delish" by @traderjoeslist, who recommends pairing the low-carb product with seafood or chicken: "It's spicy [and] has a very peppery lemongrass flavor." The Trader Joe's team adds that this recipe is a rendition of the traditional Thai sauce nam prik noom, and "the texture is thick and scoopable, similar to harissa ... It has a zesty, herby profile and nice, even heat. While it dazzles as a dip, we can also vouch for this Nam Prik Noom's numminess on noodles, or with warmed rice—or garnishing Thai gyozas from our frozen case!"

Sriracha Sauce

Speaking of those gyoza (which are available with pork, chicken, shrimp and vegetable fillings at many Trader Joe's locations), they're also a treat drizzled with a bit of Sriracha sauce, which was mentioned in the comments for the green chile sauce as another Thai-inspired fan favorite. A quick search on Instagram confirmed that the fan who chimed in here isn't alone, as others seek it out as their top spicy sauce to garnish everything from breakfast sandwiches to beef bulgogi to an egg roll in a bowl.

Peanut and Crispy Noodle Salad Kit

This toss-and-serve salad kit is full of tasty textures and flavors. It features romaine, cabbage, shredded carrots, celery, green onion and fresh cilantro, plus crispy rice vermicelli noodles, chopped peanuts and a peanut-lime dressing inspired by Thai cuisine. Top it with air-fried tofu cubes a la @traderjoesobsessed and you have a delicious, affordable and plant-based dinner-size salad for two.

True Thai Vegetable Pad Thai

This frozen dinner was selected as one of the 21 products Trader Joe's crew members say they can't live without this year. Even though it's been sold for more than a decade, the employees and fans can't get enough of this single-serving entree that includes rice noodles, bean sprouts, chives, tofu, cashews and a nutty pad thai sauce. (Looking for another twist on pad thai but far from a Trader Joe's? Give Pepper Teigen's pad thai Brussels sprouts a go.)

Organic Coconut Smoothie

While not totally Thai, this employee-favorite bottled bevvy is made with coconuts sourced from western Thailand. The coconut water and fresh coconut meat is blended into a creamy smoothie consistency. Miles, a crew member at one Austin, Texas, Trader Joe's, says, "Everyone wants a beverage that's tasty, refreshing, but also simple in its ingredients so that it's not unhealthy. This is exactly that."