Joanna Gaines Says Every Kitchen Needs These 3 Types of Whisks

Whether you're making salad dressing, gravy or whipped cream, you'll need the right type of whisk.

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During the inaugural season of Magnolia Table, which is streaming now on Discovery, we learned many far-beyond-Fixer-Upper things about Joanna Gaines. First, that she loves a good snack as much as we do...

Second, that her family heirloom recipes go far beyond the biscuits, pies and chocolate chip cookies she sells by mail order from her Waco, Texas Magnolia Table store. (Fatayar and Lebanese Salad, anyone?!)

Joanna Gaines
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Third, both her TV set and home kitchen are (as we imagined) beautifully designed and well-equipped. But as we learned back in February when Gaines shared her top 5 kitchen essentials, few will break the bank. In fact, some of her MVPs are among the most affordable tools of all: "I would say the things I use the most are a wooden spoon and a whisk. Just super simple," Gaines told Architectural Digest.

And now she's back on Instagram to remind us that "there's a whisk for everything."

The cookbook author, mom and home cook swears by three different styles...

  • Balloon Whisk: The rounded wires make this a handy all-purpose whisk, especially for combining ingredients in a standard mixing bowl. (Think: Pancake batter, brownie batter, whipping egg whites into a meringue or cream into whipped cream). If a kitchen has a whisk already, it's generally this style.
  • French/Straight Whisk: The small balloon whisk has denser wires that make quick work out of emulsions (say, a homemade vinaigrette, hollandaise or aioli). The tapered, slimmer profile of the French style can handle thicker batters than a balloon whisk and more fussy mixtures that have a tendency to separate.
  • Flat Sauce/Roux Whisk: The flattened wire shape works well for sauces in a shallow pan, such as a skillet. As the name implies, it's ideal for roux or other sauces that involve deglazing a pan.

Gaines loves these three whisks so much that she designed and sells her own for $14 each on But we also like these 5-star, budget-friendly options that can be delivered to your door in a flash!

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