This healthy and easy recipe from My Korean Kitchen is perfect for breakfast, an afternoon snack or a nightcap.

I have a ton of sweet potatoes from my CSA right now, but I'm not complaining. I'm loving them in sweet and spicy preparations for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and now—thanks to this Sweet Potato Latte recipe from My Korean Kitchen—in drinks too. I'm not the only one who's enjoying sweet potato lattes, as they've gone a bit viral on TikTok recently. For the record, Sue from My Korean Kitchen first shared her recipe in 2015, so she was way ahead of the current trend. "I honestly can't remember when or where I had my first sweet potato latte," she says. "It was such a long time ago. I think it was at a popular franchise cafe in Seoul in 2008 or 2009." But while this sweet and healthy drink might not be new, it's definitely worth trying if you haven't already.

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As Sue explains in her post about the latte, the popular Korean drink is simply made from cooked sweet potato, milk and a little bit of sugar—there's no coffee involved so it's a perfect drink anytime of day, including bedtime. You can make the latte with a regular orange sweet potato, or for a beautiful drink like this one Sue shared on Instagram, with purple sweet potato.

To make her sweet potato latte, Sue starts by cooking the sweet potato—you can boil or steam it but Sue recommends roasting it as it brings out more of the nutty flavor. You can roast a bunch of sweet potatoes at once and scoop out their flesh to make lattes all week. For the milk, I used full-fat cow's milk but I think the latte would work well with a low-fat milk or a nondairy milk, especially "barista-style" milks. Sue recommends raw sugar, but you could also use brown sugar, maple syrup or another sweetener.

The sweet potato latte on My Korean Kitchen serves two to three but I halved it to serve just me. Here's what you'll need and how to make it.

Credit: My Korean Kitchen / Sue Pressey

How to Make a Sweet Potato Latte


1/2 cup roasted sweet potato (leave the skin out)

1 cup milk, plus more for garnish

1-2 teaspoons raw sugar or other sweetener

Cinnamon and crushed nuts (optional)


Combine the cooked sweet potato and milk in a blender and whir it until the mixture is smooth. Pour the sweet potato mixture into a pot and add the sugar (or other sweetener) to taste. Heat over medium until simmering and heated through, whisking frequently. Pour the latte into a mug. Top with frothed milk, cinnamon and/or nuts if desired. Serve immediately.

And that's it: Easy, delicious and a great use for leftover sweet potatoes too!