Bonus: It takes just 30 seconds to stir together!

A surefire way to cure a case of the Mondays, or the cloudy days, or the wow-it's-been-a-year-of-this-pandemic days, in our humble opinion? A virtual happy hour with friends or family.

Let's face it: Sometimes only a good laugh—or cry—with loved ones over a refreshing drink (alcohol optional, and in moderation of course) is the best way to brighten the mood. But on the days we crave those catch-up seshes most, we often lack motivation, well, the most.

Instead of turning to a La Croix, kombucha, or canned cocktail next time we're in one of those moods, we're going to stir together this super-easy spring cocktail. Add just 2 ingredients to your Trader Joe's shopping list, round up some vodka and you can join us. Cheers to that!

Created by Instagram all-star Shannon from @traderjoesobsessed, this drink calls for:

To make Shannon's Sparkling Spiked Peach Arnold Palmer, it's as simple as 1, 2, 3, she says.

"I just added the whole can of peach black tea (my fave and has the perfect amount of sweetness), ¼ cup of lemonade and a shot of vodka 👏🏻 over ice with a generous squeeze of a Meyer lemon 🍋," Shannon explains.

3 ingredient cocktail from Trader Joe's
Credit: Getty Images / pjohnson1 / annick vanderschelden photography

In the original format, this refreshing 3-ingredient drink has 141 calories and 8 ½ grams of sugar. Substitute ¼ cup of that lemon-ginger seltzer for the lemonade and your cocktail will clock in at 113 calories and 2 grams of sugar. Skip the vodka for a non-alcoholic mixed drink and you'll slash another 98 calories. Any variation you choose, not too shabby for a sparkling, springy beverage that can be yours in about 30 seconds.

So stir one together, whip up a 3-ingredient appetizer or two and cool those jets. Spring is just about here to stay—as are IRL happy hours!