This “better for you” ice cream brand launched a new frozen fruit product, but is it any better for than other fruit pops? We took a closer look.
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New Halo Top Fruit Pops
Credit: Halo Top Fruit Pops

Halo Top has made waves in the frozen dessert industry by boasting you can "eat the whole pint" of their ice cream and only consume 240 to 360 calories. However, there are a lot more things that go into a satisfying dessert than calories alone. Sometimes, you might want a brownie, but sometimes you might want to enjoy a healthier version of a sweet treat. (Try these no-sugar-added snacks to satisfy your sweet tooth.)

We were a little skeptical of Halo Top ice cream in the past, with one of our dietitians writing she would rather enjoy real ice cream instead of their lower-calorie version. So we were curious about these new fruit pops from the brand. Here's what a dietitian has to say. 

Halo Top Strawberry Fruit Pops

Halo Top Fruit Pop Nutrition 

The new Halo Top products are less about candy or dessert flavors, and focus more on fruit-forward flavors. Their lineup includes Coconut, Lime, Mango, Pineapple and Strawberry. Each product is made with real fruit juice and boasts 50-65% less added sugar than their competitors. So far, so good. Here is the range of nutrition for Halo Top Fruit Pop bars

  • Most have 35-45 calories (coconut contains 90 calories) 
  • 13-15g carbohydrates 
  • Most have 5-6g added sugar (coconut contains 9g) 
  • 6-9g fiber 
  • Most have 0g fat (Coconut contains 4g)
  • 0-1g protein 

Compared to most desserts, there are very few calories and added sugar in these pops (5-6 grams is about 1.5 teaspoons of added sugar). These bars would be a nice treat for someone with diabetes who is minding their carbohydrate intake or anyone who wants a sweet snack without a blood sugar rollercoaster ride.

The fruit pops have a simpler ingredient list than their ice creams, and include whole fruit, whole fruit purees and citrus juice. Their higher fiber content, however, comes mostly from the soluble corn fiber rather than whole fruits. For additional sweetening, they also contain sugar and stevia extract. They're also dairy-free, making them great options for people with allergies or who follow a vegan diet. 

There are plenty of healthy homemade fruit pops you can make, but these Halo Top Fruit Pops are a good lighter option compared to other fruit popsicles, though they still contain some preservatives and sweeteners. They are also dairy-free and prioritize adding whole fruits and whole fruit purees for their flavor. For a lighter dessert to help you enjoy the warmer weather, give them a try.