The 12 Best Healthy Products to Buy at Thrive Market, According to Customers

Stock your pantry full of fan favorites (including dark chocolate and ranch dressing!).

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During pre-pandemic times, we admit that we almost looked forward to grocery shopping IRL. Something about wandering through the aisles with a chance of discovering something new, the sole focus on the task at hand (seriously, how often can we "unitask" these days?) and the vibrant colors and smells of the produce and floral sections …

But 365 days ago, everything changed and we're now safely—and happily—devoted to services like Instacart and Amazon Fresh that allow us to order online and have our groceries delivered to our doorsteps. Quite possibly our favorite new supermarket BFF? Thrive Market, which, for the uninitiated, is kind of like a mashup of Costco, Amazon and Whole Foods (aka is this heaven?) The online, membership-only retailer stocks mostly nutritious and sustainably sourced products. Invest in a $60 yearly membership or a $10 monthly membership, and you can select from items that are about 25% to 50% cheaper than suggested retail price. Bonus: For each Thrive Market membership, the company gives a free membership to a low-income family, first responder, teacher, student or veteran.

We're not the only fans, as Thrive's thriving social media following proves. So for the 2021 Golden Shelfie Awards, their first-ever Thrive Market best-products list, the brand tapped their 720,000 Instagram followers to tell us which products are absolutely not to be missed. Drum roll, please …

The 12 Best Thrive Market Products of 2021, According to Customers

Ultimate Pantry Staple

Winner: Thrive Market Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Made from fresh-pressed organic Koroneiki olives grown on the island of Crete, this fruity and peppery EVOO has one reviewer raving, "I'm no olive oil snob, but I have tried to be. [I've] tried many different varieties, [and] this is by far my favorite. On my third bottle. Clean, bright, just right."

Buy it: $14.99 for 25.4 ounces

Runner-up: Organic Valley Farms Organic Ghee

Ideal for high-heat cooking, this clarified organic butter is free of added hormones, antibiotics and pesticides. "Love the smooth texture and that it doesn't need to be refrigerated," says one reviewer. And if you can't do dairy, you can likely still get your ghee on: The clarifying process removes the milk solids that generally cause troubles with those who have intolerances. Rest easy as you slather it on toast or use it to sauté veggies, start an Indian-inspired entree or cook eggs.

Buy it: $11.99 for 13 ounces

Best Supporting Sauce

Winner: Primal Kitchen Avocado Mayo

Most mayos start with canola or soy oil, but this unique keto-, paleo- and Whole30-friendly condiment is made with avocado oil, as well as cage-free organic eggs. To date, the sandwich spread, salad dressing-starter and sauce star has garnered more than 3,000 reviews—including from many fans who admit they made the switch from being Hellmann's diehards to becoming Primal Kitchen's newest big fans.

Buy it: $7.99 for 12 ounces

Runner-up: Whole30 House Ranch

Speaking of Whole30, this bottled salad dressing/dip is a collab with the founder of the diet challenge (read more about Whole30 here). Its ingredient list includes certified-humane eggs, sunflower oil and a variety of herbs, plus no dairy, sugar or vegetable gums. "I have never liked any ranch dressing except Hidden Valley until this came along. I love it!" says one reviewer who recently purchased this ranch.

Buy it: $5.99 for 8 ounces

Sweet of the Year

Winner: UnReal Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars

As one fan describes them, like "Mounds, but better," these mini candy bars are made with just three things: organic coconut, organic cassava syrup and dark chocolate. As a result, the organic and lower-sugar dessert is vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free. For real. (Not a fan of coconut? UnReal also has very real other products available that pair chocolate with flavors like peanuts, almond butter, peanut butter, crispy quinoa and caramel-peanut nougat.

Buy it: $4.99 for a 4.2-ounce bag

Runner-up: Smart Sweets Sweet Fish

If fruit snacks are more your style, these gummy candies promise all the flavor and nostalgia of the childhood favorite with a whopping 92% less sugar than regular Swedish Fish. One reviewer says, "We always have these for movie night!" Free of artificial sweeteners (this candy is made with allulose, a non-artificial sweetener), colors or sugar alcohols, each serving has just 3 grams of sugar. (Psst ... berry is the most popular flavor, but Smart Sweets also has sour, sourmelon, sour blast and peach ring varieties.) Note: Even fans admit these tend to get stuck in your teeth, so chew with caution.

Buy it: $2.99 for a 1.8-ounce bag

Self-Care Superhero

Winner: Dr Bronner's Organic Hand Sanitizer

We were reminded time and time again during 2020 (and into 2021) that hand hygiene is crucial. And when soap and water are unavailable, hand sanitizers like this sensitive-skin-friendly spray can save the day. "I love the smell of the lavender and much better than using regular DRYING hand sanitizer! I always have to have this on me at work," one fan says. Made with organic ethyl alcohol instead of harsher chemicals, and infused with glycerin to soften skin, this hand sanitizer scores its calming lavender aroma from organic essential oils.

Buy it: $4.49 for 2 ounces

Runner-up: Thayers Witch Hazel Toner

Speaking of pandemic-perfect skin care products, "I love this toner for cleansing my face after wearing a mask all day at work. When I have blemishes starting—or full-on zits—I've also noticed that it calms the inflammation quicker than just about anything else I've tried," one reviewer says. Since 1847, Thayers has been offering organic herbal blends, and this alcohol-free, antioxidant-rich formula is infused with witch hazel to help maintain clearer pores. Aloe vera makes it hydrating and ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Buy it: $9.31 for 12 ounces

Best Dressed

Winner: Thrive Market Organic Raw Creamy Highland Honey

"The flavor and creaminess of this honey is excellent! Yum! Love it in my tea and oatmeal," a fan says of this thick and rich liquid sweetener. Sourced from hives in Mexico and full of tropical flavors, this honey is a hit spread on toast, mixed into smoothies or even as part of homemade bread recipes, according to Thrive Market members who have purchased it.

Buy it: $7.99 for 16 ounces

Runner-up: Thrive Market Organic Tigernut Flour

If all-purpose has zero purposes in your life—say, you have celiac disease or are gluten-intolerant—try this gluten-free and grain-free flour. The Thrive Market brand's version is much more affordable than you'll find at other retailers. It still packs in rich yet subtly nutty flavors, though. "Tigernut flour is great for blending with other alternative starches for delicious muffins, breads and even brownies. Love Thrive's competitive price on an expensive ingredient," a fan adds.

Buy it: $11.99 for 16 ounces

The Fan Favorite

Winner: Hu Salty Dark Chocolate Bar

Out of hundreds of Thrive Market products, this 70% cacao sea salt-spiked chocolate bar was voted No. 1 overall! Made with zero refined sugar, palm oil, cane sugar, sugar alcohols, dairy, emulsifiers or soy lecithin, a couple of squares are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, reviewers confirm. "SO GOOD! And vegan and paleo—mind blown," one says.

Buy it: $5.49 for a 2.1-ounce bar

Runner-up: Chomps Grass-Fed Beef Sticks

Ranking at No. 2 overall, these grab-and-go snacks pack in 9 grams of protein and zero carbs per 90-calorie beef stick. Inspired by the classic convenience-store meat jerky stick, just with a makeover using grass-fed and -finished beef and zero sugar, Chomps reign supreme due to their flavor and not-too-chewy texture, reviewers claim. "Sometimes jerky can be too salty, sweet, flavorful, etc. This tastes great and is that pure beef flavor. Love the no-nonsense ingredients as well," according to one fan.

Buy it: $22.49 for 10 sticks

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