All of these picks have fewer than 15 grams of carbs.
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While carbs are an important part of a healthy diet, cutting back on refined carbs (like candy, white bread and sugary snacks) can be beneficial to your health. For those seeking to lower their carb intake and focus on healthy low-carb living, we tapped two of our own experts, Assistant Digital Nutrition Editor Jessica Ball, M.S., RD and Senior Digital Nutrition Editor Lisa Valente, M.S., RD.

Both dietitians are excited to share some of their favorite healthier low-carb finds from major retailer Target. Ball explains, "Anything that has less than 15 grams of carbs qualifies as 'low-carb' in our book."

Best Low-Carb Foods to Buy at Target

1. Skinny Dipped Dark Chocolate Cocoa Almonds

Valente is a big fan of these almonds for when she's craving something sweet. She says, "These almonds are so tasty! They're lightly coated with chocolate so they only have 11 grams of carbs per serving (and just 6 grams of added sugar), but they manage to deliver big chocolate flavor. Plus, you get all the health benefits of almonds when you grab a handful." (Buy it: $4.99 at Target)

2. Almond and Peanut Butter Nut Bars

Valente also favors this bar, which has 15 grams of carbs. She says, "It can be hard to find a lower-carbohydrate bar that isn't made with artificial sweeteners. This is the perfect snack for when you're on the go and need something to toss in your purse or car. Valente says, "[It] also provides some protein, fiber and healthy fats. Bonus: It tastes like a healthier peanut butter cup." (Buy it: $4.29 at Target)

3. Riced Cauliflower

"For someone trying to cut down on carbs or boost their veggie intake, Green Giant Riced Cauliflower is a great option. The only ingredient is cauliflower and it can be steamed in the microwave in 6 minutes. It is also higher in vitamin C, potassium and fiber than white rice", says Ball. Try it in this Cauliflower Chicken Fried Rice, Sausage, Apple, and Wild Rice Stuffing, or a Berry Banana Cauliflower Smoothie. (Buy it: $2.69 at Target)

4. Tillamook Cheddar Slices

Ball says she's not a huge fan of overly processed snacks. She shares, "Cheddar slices with a sliced apple and some mixed nuts are my go-tos. They are full of fiber, protein and healthy fat to power me through an afternoon slump." These high-quality Cheddar slices have just 1 gram of carbs per serving. (Buy it: $3.99 at Target)

5. Whisps

Valente says that Whisps are a great low-carb snack for when you're craving something salty or crunchy. She says, "I love these cheese crisps as a protein-rich packable snack. They're made with just cheese and then baked to make them crunchy (and shelf stable). They're delicious as is, but I also love using the Parmesan crisps instead of croutons on a salad." (Buy it: $7.49 for Parmesan & Asiago flavor bundle at Target)

6. Nellie's Free-Range Eggs

Valente says, "Eggs are such a versatile and affordable protein, and they're carb-free. Don't skip the yolk, because there's a good amount of nutrition in there." She adds, "You'll get some protein, vitamin D, choline and antioxidants in the yolk." For some additional egg info and to demystify labels, view our guide to buying eggs. (Buy it: $4.49 at Target)

7. Applegate Farms Chicken & Maple Breakfast Sausage

Ball says she recommends, "having breakfast sausage, eggs and frozen veggies on hand—you can make a budget-friendly, protein-packed meal in a pinch." This is a great option for quick weeknight dinners or a wonderful way to start the day. Stuck in a breakfast rut? Try our 30 Day Healthy Breakfast Challenge. (Buy it: $4.29 at Target)

8. Chef's Cut Original Recipe Jerky

To manage snack attacks, Ball says, "I have actually tried Chef's Cut Jerky and it was a nice snack to have for an afternoon slump. It is great for a protein boost to pair with vegetables and hummus or mixed nuts to make it a little more well-rounded." She did caution that while this is great for a snack in a pinch, like on a road trip, it isn't the best for every day snacking since it is relatively high in sodium (over 490mg per one-ounce serving). (Buy it: $4.99 for a 2.5-ounce bag)