Take a close look at the price tag…

We used to think pretty much every product sold at Costco was cheaper than the same thing sold on Amazon. That is, until we asked around and discovered some seriously major savings on five deals online compared to at the warehouse store. Canned beans delivered to our door, no special trip to the membership club required? Sold!

Okay, so we know that not everything is worth buying at Costco (although we're hopelessly devoted to these 10 healthy dietitian-approved snacks to fuel us through the workday), the latest game-changing Costco savings hack is something we just learned today. And it's been right in plain sight all along right on the price tag!

One savvy club member shared this on the @purewow Instagram account and we know this tip is going to change how we shop: "If a tag ends in 99 cents, it's full price and will most likely be there when you come back. But if the tag ends in 97 cents, that means it's discounted," she says.

Most items sold at their original Costco price end in a 9, but those that end in a 7 (or a 0, we discovered after doing some additional research) are manager markdowns. Translation: This is a sale!

"And that asterisk means it's going to be discontinued," the hack-sharer adds in the Instagram Reel.

If you love the product—and especially if you dig it and it's one of our top-rated healthy Costco foods—stock up when you spot an asterisk on the price tag in the top right corner because it will likely be pulled from the shelves soon.

"Yes true. I worked for Costco for 8 years. I loved seeing the discount price show up," one commenter verified.

So watch for the 7 or 0 and an asterisk—all three are sure signs you're getting a deal.