You have to see his spice section! ๐Ÿ˜

Karla Walsh
March 03, 2021
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Credit: Getty Images / Jim Spellman

As a chef—and Iron Chef, in fact—restaurateur and cookbook author, Bobby Flay has been welcoming us into his TV kitchen on Food Network for decades. Now, he's inviting us into his actual kitchen and giving us a sneak peek of what and how he cooks when he's off the clock.

"Earlier this year, @misfitsmarket asked their followers to send in some questions for me to answer. One of them: What are my 5 pantry staples? Here's my answer," @bobbyflay says in the caption for the IGTV video.

Flay joined the "ugly produce" food waste-reducing subscription box brand Misfits Market as the chef-in-residence in October 2020.

"Five would not be enough, but I'll give you a couple of ideas," Flay says as he stands in his walk-in pantry...and proceeds to give us a lot more ideas than "a couple." (And we're grateful for all the tips and sneak peeks!)

He swaps containers for many of his spices and baking staples, but for all the products in cans and jars we could spot the labels, we're linking them here so you can channel your inner Food Network star.

"Can I have your pantry lol. Love it ❤️," one fan commented on the video. Once you take a peek, we think you'll agree!

If you're interested in a deep dive of the spices Flay swears by to perk up his meal, check out this bonus 5-minute Instagram video.