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woman cracking egg into bowl
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Things instantly made better by pockets: Dresses, joggers, blazers...and egg sandwiches?

Yep, thanks to a new TikTok food hack that's having a moment (not quite to the level of THE feta pasta, but still), we learned an easy new way to make the best runny-yolked egg sandwich that's a bit tidier to eat.

With more than 2 million likes in 2 weeks, this TikTok video from @thejoshelkin impressed us with its simplicity and immediately made us wonder, "Why didn't we think of this earlier?!" You just need 2 eggs, a skillet, a slotted spoon like this KitchenAid Slotted Spoon (buy it: $9.97, Amazon), cooking spray, your favorite breakfast sandwich fillings and whatever carb vessel your heart desires.

Elkin, the creator of the blog Recipe Champions, talks us through the pocket strategy in the video:

  1. To begin, "spray a slotted spoon and a frying pan with some cooking spray."
  2. Crack two eggs into a bowl, then "with the pan on medium heat, add a couple eggs into the spoon," he explains, pouring the eggs into the bowl of the spoon. This allows the whites to flow through the slots and the yolks to stay in the spoon itself. (For now.)
  3. Swirl the whites around the pan to make a crepe-like circle, then add the yolks to the middle of that partially-cooked egg white base. Giving the whites a head start means you'll score just-runny-enough yolks in the center of the fully-cooked whites once you're done.
  4. Add any desired breakfast sandwich toppings on top of the yolks—say, shredded cheese, cooked bacon, leftover sautéed veggies from last night's dinner or some fresh herbs.
  5. "When the edges of the eggs start to brown, fold each side to create a pocket," he says, flipping the right side in toward the middle, then the bottom, the left, and the top to eventually create a rectangular "pocket."
  6. Flip the eggs over gently to seal the edge, then quickly remove the pocket from the pan and stuff between 2 slices of toast, or on top of a single slice for an open-faced sandwich, inside a bagel or an English muffin, or cradled in the middle of a tortilla for a breakfast taco.

While this method doesn't alter the flavor of the sandwich, it does make it slightly tidier to bite into the runny egg sandwich. Although it's still pleasantly drippy, the pocket does catch more of the yolk than going sunny-side-style. (We can't be the only ones who end up with a big pool of yolks on our plates after the first yolk bite...swooshing the rest of the sandwich through it works, but isn't quite ideal.)

Up next, we're planning to try a mash-up of Parmesan Crisps and egg pockets by sprinkling a small handful of shredded cheese onto the cooking spray-lined skillet before adding the whites for a melty cheese-coated pocket. You could also add Mediterranean-inspired flavors with spinach, tomato and feta; opt for a Mexican-inspired breakfast with black beans, salsa and queso fresco; or add some French-inspired flare with ham, asparagus and Gruyere...the world is your oyster.

"Never skip egg day," Elkin concludes the video, and we certainly won't be now that we have countless variations to try.