From exclusive aged cheeses to protein pancakes, here's what fans voted as Aldi MVPs.

Prior to the pandemic, many of the EatingWell staff members were known to have their "spots." You know, grab the area's freshest seafood from this market, invest in the best produce at another, then swing by the boutique store for the specialty herbs, spices and oils.

A lot of our grocery shopping habits changed drastically in 2020 and we've tried to limit and streamline our trips, but one thing hasn't changed one bit: Our love of the crazy-affordable, trendsetting items you can *only* find at retailers like Trader Joe's and Aldi. Those shops are always worth a visit, in our opinion, thanks to the constantly changing stock of healthy-ish products—often sold for a lower price than they would be at supermarkets with a larger footprint.

Aldi storefront
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As a follow-up to last fall's top 10 Aldi fan favorites, the brand just released their 2021 Product of the Year winners. The results are based on input from more than 40,000 American shoppers. (P.S. If you do plan to shop at Aldi soon, just be sure to skip these 5 grocery items.)

We're majorly impressed by the top vote-earners, which are actually quite healthful—many sneak in extra protein or fiber, add a dose of whole grains to your diet or pump up the flavor of other foods without adding heaps of calories. Toss in some coffee, a couple dips, plus some fruits, vegetables and lean protein, and you have quite the well-balanced cart!

Best Aldi Products of 2021, According to Customers

ICYMI, and in case you're looking to steer clear of the in-store experience, Aldi has partnered with Instacart for delivery from select locations and is planning to expand its curbside pickup service to be available at 1,200 (nearly one-third of total Aldis) of their store locations throughout the U.S. by the end of 2021.