Her plant-based version features chickpea pasta and dairy-free goat cheese, and the results look downright delicious.
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As Lizzo says in her hit song, the "Truth Hurts." And we have to say, Martha Stewart, the truth is, the singer may have just one-upped you with her rendition of the TikTok-trendy baked pasta!

Lizzo's been feeling "good as hell" following a vegan diet for nearly a year now. So over the weekend, she took to her own TikTok account to share her gluten-free, plant-based twist on the oven-baked feta pasta dish that's been taking over the internet thanks to Finnish food blogger Jenni Häyrinen's "Uunifetapasta."

"I finally did it, y'all, I made THE pasta," Lizzo says, as she shows off a pan of cherry tomatoes rolling around in a glass baking dish to kick off the TikTok video.

Lizzo adds chopped garlic cloves to the pan, and then opens up her fridge to showcase a full lineup of Spero dairy-free, plant-based alternative cheeses (which are available to order online and at select Whole Foods Markets on the west coast, according to the brand's website). She opted to use Spero The Goat Alternative Goat Cheese ($5.99, sperofoods.co), which she says in the voiceover, "was actually really tasty cheese."

Lizzo continues: "I put 'hella basil,' grapeseed oil, and then I seasoned her with all of the things I like."

This included salt, black pepper, red chili flakes and a drizzle of honey. (Note: Some vegans steer clear of honey since bees are involved in the production, so if you want to make it totally vegan, you can simply omit that drizzle or swap it for some agave.)

She pops that pan in the oven, and while the dressed-up veggies and "cheese" bakes, Lizzo boils up a box of Banza Chickpea Penne Pasta ($2.99 for 8 ounces, Target.com), which also happens to be a fave of Drew Barrymore.

As Lizzo pulls the baking dish out of the oven, she says, "Okay, she was lookin' cute!" She stirred the roasted ingredients together, dumped in the drained Banza penne, and reviewed the results: "It was good!"

If you don't do dairy, the singer's "cover" of the food trend seems like a pretty delicious and well-balanced option. But if you're a fan of classic fromage, Team EatingWell has you covered with our five tasty ways to mix up your baked pasta routine.