Grab a paper towel and this unexpected spray to eliminate grime and fingerprints.
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Anyone who owns stainless steel appliances can verify that while, yes, they do look chic, they don't always look squeaky-clean. Unlike other surfaces that can disguise fingerprints and grime more easily, stainless steel tends to put everything on full display right on the surface. Great for seeing where you need to clean; terrible for feeling like you always need to be doing so.

stainless steel fridge

There are countless products on store shelves and natural cleaner "recipes" dedicated to tackling the task. In fact, we even tested out several alternative stainless steel cleaners back in 2018 (including baking soda paste and white vinegar) and discovered they worked great for us, but we're always on the hunt for products that will keep our steel cleaner longer.

This is why we were so intrigued by one video from Kara of @goodtastemustbuy that has already racked up more than 113,000 "likes" from fellow TikTok-ers:

"Tell me something you learned on TikTok that actually works," Kara says, introducing the cleaning hack. "Apply any wood cleaner onto your refrigerator (she uses Method Daily Wood Cleaner in Almond; $5.99 for 28 ounces, Target), wipe all the fingerprints and smudges right off, let dry and now, no fingerprints or smudges once touched!"

Method Cleaning Products Daily Wood Cleaner Almond Spray Bottle 28 fl oz
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In the video, Kara says the spray removes existing fingerprints and prevents them from popping up so easily in the future. But according to the TikTok comments and those who have tested it out and reviewed the strategy seem to have different experiences. Some say it's brilliant and works incredibly well, especially when employing a paper towel rather than a cloth rag to wipe. Others claim smudges and fingerprints disappear, but only briefly as the next day when you touch the surface, they're back on full display.

We're excited to give it a try ourselves since we're all about a multitasking  product—especially when it can streamline our cleaning routines! Even just a quick once-a-day spritz sounds like something we can handle if we don't have to mix all of the ingredients! But just in case, we have the equally priced, made-for-the-job Method Stainless Steel Clean and Polish (Buy it: $5.99 for 14 ounces, Target) in mind as a backup if this isn't the dream solution we wish it to be.