This Mini Cast-Iron Skillet Has Made Cooking for Myself Way More Exciting

This little guy is perfect for single-serve pizzas, desserts and more.

smithey cast iron skillet

This probably goes without saying, but since I've been working from home I've been cooking a lot more meals (and eating by myself … womp womp). I used to think that meant subjecting myself to a sad desk salad or cold-cut sandwich, but I've recently rediscovered the joy of taking a lunch break and making a healthy meal I actually enjoy. One benefit of working from home is that I can take a little bit more time to prep something special, and there's one thing that's upgraded my solo cooking game: Smithey's No. 6 Skillet.

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Smithey No. 6 Skillet

smithey skillet

This 6-inch cast-iron skillet is the perfect size for cooking for one person. It's ideal for frying an egg, toasting nuts for a salad, or making a personal pizza (2-ingredient pizza dough is my jam!). This cast-iron skillet allows me to add variety to my breakfast and make a different type of baked oatmeal each morning. Ditto for when I'm craving dessert, but don't want a huge pan of brownies sitting around tempting me all week. I just make a single-serve skillet brownie, cookie or fruity crumble.

I love that this cast-iron skillet is preseasoned, scratch-resistant and safe to use on the stovetop or in the oven. Plus, it's absolutely stunning—it's a beautiful, rich, polished copper color that looks antique in the best possible way. And to make cooking and storage easy, it has pour spouts on the sides and hanging holes.

But the thing I love about it most is that it's brought some joy back into my kitchen. Cooking for myself was starting to feel like a chore, and I didn't realize how bored I was until I tried out this little skillet. It may sound silly, but anything that can help me feel a little happier and more inspired is an A-plus investment in my book. (Buy it: Smithey No. 6 Skillet, $80 at

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