5 Simple Things That Bring Ina Garten Happiness Every Day

Turns out, most of The Barefoot Contessa’s favorite things are free.

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Few things bring me more joy than Ina Garten and her cooking. Garten is not only the queen of delicious recipes—from cocktails to comfort food (she has an entire cookbook dedicated to comfort food)—but in recent years, she's also become a source of joy for me outside the kitchen with her Instagram account. And while Ina brings a smile to my face on a regular basis, in a recent interview in the March issue of Better Homes & Gardens, she chatted about the little things that bring her happiness.

5 Things That Make Ina Garten Happy

Listening to Music

In the past, Ina has shared her curated playlists, so it's no surprise that music is something that brings her joy. She told Better Homes & Gardens, "When I cook I listen to my Spotify playlist called Women Who Rock, which is everything from Taylor Swift to Dolly Parton." While I'll definitely be rocking out to these songs tonight, Ina has other playlists including Ina Garten's Trip to Paris, Ina's Favorite Love Songs and Barefoot Contessa Beach Party for whichever mood you're in.

Enjoying a Good Snack

For Ina, there's nothing better than "good cheese." When she reaches for a snack, she'll opt for "a piece of Cheddar with an apple and some salty Marcona almonds." We love this healthy and delicious pairing because it packs a protein boost and is the perfect combination of salty, sweet and savory flavors.

Watching a Movie

Garten is a fan of movies, especially Nancy Meyers, and she enjoys Meyers's film Something's Gotta Give. The movie, which stars Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton, even includes a scene shot in a market, which was inspired by Garten's old store. Garten's love for film also includes Alfred Hitchcock's Dial M for Murder, which she says is "a perfect movie—every single frame."

Using Her Fireplace

There's nothing better than "the smoky smell that comes from building a fire," says Garten. And on days when it's cold and rainy, Garten loves to light a fire in the barn where she works because "it makes me feel better." Don't have a fireplace? A firepit, like this one from Amazon (buy it: $80) will bring you cozy, Ina-approved vibes all year long.

Having Fresh Flowers

While her Instagram is full of delicious-looking food, another bright spot is Garten's flowers. From these gorgeous anemones to this colorful arrangement in shades of purple, Garten said in an Instagram post that she's "so grateful for the every day things." And while she has a thriving garden, Garten routinely gives thanks to Sag Harbor Florist and The Bridgehampton Florist for their gorgeous arrangements (and now I want flowers for my table!).

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