4 Breakfast Charcuterie Boards That Are Worth Waking Up Early For

Breakfast food + charcuterie boards = 😍

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breakfast charcuterie board
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Epic charcuterie boards have become a mainstay on social media, as images of fancy cheeses and meat roses are just around every corner. Hot cocoa boards are another popular twist—especially this boozy beauty from our Test Kitchen. But what if you could channel big board energy into an exciting update for breakfast? Breakfast charcuterie boards are a stunning new trend we are so excited about, and we've rounded up a few of our favorites from Instagram.

How to Make a Breakfast Charcuterie Board

For starters, grab a large cheese plate or serving board (we love this one from Amazon, $43). Then, grab your ingredients and get to layering. Whether you opt for sweet or savory board, you can't go wrong.

19 inches Oversized Serving Board


Waffle Board

A buildable waffle spread sounds like a dream come true. Start with a base of waffles (you could opt for premade waffles like Van's or Evergreen, or make your own waffles at home). Then layer in bowls of your favorite toppings such as syrup, whipped cream, honey, chocolate, nut butters, fresh fruit and more. You're sure to love this breakfast a waffle lot!

You could also take a page from Lifeway Foods' Instagram post above and incorporate some Greek yogurt or kefir into your spread. We already know how good probiotics are for our gut, as they are a key ingredient in the #1 food to fight belly bloat, according to dietitians.

Avocado Toast Board

Go beyond the classic avocado toast recipe with a fun and interactive board version. The Baker Mama, undisputed queen of the breakfast board genre, has an excellent "Top-Your-Own-Toast Board" that's a perfect way to elevate your first-meal-of-the-day game. This example is chock-full of sweet options like chocolate spread and fresh berries, with a slew of savory ingredients like fried eggs and crispy bacon. Pro tip: Consider swapping in slow-roasted tomatoes instead of fresh (unless it's the end of summer, of course, when tomatoes are MAGIC). This prolific breakfast-board blogger also has recipes for a Biscuit Board and more in her Breakfast Boards Galore post.

Yogurt Parfait Board

A parfait is a cute way to enhance an already-healthy breakfast icon, the digestive workhorse yogurt. Start with a big bowl of the good stuff, then add toppings like fresh fruit and healthy granola. We like adding granolas in fun flavors like peanut butter (buy it: gr8nola, $10, Amazon) and birthday cake ($4.99 per bag, Target). Want to step it up even more? You can make your own yogurt at home with our simple recipe. Add some nuts, which are chock-full of health benefits, as an extra-crunchy finishing touch on this epic breakfast board.

Croissant Board

No breakfast board list can be complete without a carb-tastic pick like a lovely croissant board. Add some spreadable butter and fresh fruit and you're good to go! Not wild about croissants? Use a different bread base, like our Two-Ingredient-Dough Bagels. Add a schmear, lox and capers for a classic combo, and don't forget some fruit for a sweeter choice.

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