KitchenAid’s 2021 color of the year is exactly what we need to brighten up our kitchens.
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kitchenaid stand mixers
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KitchenAid just announced their 2021 color of the year: Honey. Pivoting away from last year's trendy neon hue, Kyoto Glow, honey has a warm, rich base with golden-orange undertones. According to a media release from KitchenAid, it "radiates positivity and warmth."

During a time when human interaction is a little more scarce and we're all spending more time at home, KitchenAid's new honey-hued appliances will bring some extra coziness to your kitchen.

Jon Bellante, KitchenAid global marketing director says, "For KitchenAid, it has become increasingly evident that the warmth of humanity is paramount. Honey isn't just a product we use in recipes around the globe; it's an invitation to connect and a reminder of the joy that comes from collaboration." 

Jessica McConnell, director, Whirlpool Color, Finish & Material Design, says "Over the past year, we've seen the world's communal instinct to unite for the collective good increase." She adds that warm, saturated hues are also trending in both fashion and interior design. "With Honey, KitchenAid marries the sweetness of togetherness with a golden-orange shade consumers are already naturally gravitating towards," McConnell says.

Starting today, you can purchase the Artisan Stand Mixer (buy it: $429.99, KitchenAid) and K400 Blender (buy it: $279.99, KitchenAid) in honey at

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer, Honey
KitchenAid K400 Blender, Honey

Whether you're whipping up a homemade birthday cake or a green smoothie, these honey-hued appliances will look stunning on your countertop and add a little sweetness to your space.