Trader Joe's Has a New Flower-Shaped Cheese That's Perfect for Brie Lovers

You can even order this online if you don't want to make a special supermarket run.

Trader Joe's storefront
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A homemade box of chocolates is good. A bouquet of lobster tails is even better. And you know how you can really take things over the top this Valentine's Day? Say "Brie mine" with the newest addition to Trader Joe's cheese case: Dorothy's Holy Smoke Soft-Ripened Cheese.

Crafted by the pros at Lena, Illinois-based Dorothy Creamery and shaped like a beautiful little flower, each 7-ounce portion of soft-ripened ultra-creamy cheese is available for $6.99 at Trader Joe's this February only—as long as supplies last. The supermarket has hosted other Dorothy cheeses before, but it's the first time this Brie-like option that crew members say is "a cozy cheese" is available there. What makes this variety unique is that the bloomy rind is infused with smoky flavor.

The announcement post on the @tradejoes Instagram page led to a flurry of feedback from fans who had already spotted and sampled it, and others who asked their shopping partners to add it to their list for the next TJ's outing.

One raved: "THIS CHEESE IS LIFE 🙌❤️🙌❤️🙌" while another added, "Just tried it last night! It was Brie but without the funk and it was Smokey, but not overwhelming. I think it would be good on a burger." (We think this would also be delightful cubed and tossed into a salad, baked for 10 minutes then topped with honey or on a flatbread, apple slice or cracker with jam and fresh herbs.)

Oh yes, or for the holiday, topped with a pomegranate compote in the shape of a heart!

According to Dorothy's, Holy Smoke is made with cultured pasteurized milk and cream, salt, natural smoke flavor, annatto (for color) and enzymes, and each serving has 110 calories, 10 grams of fat, 5 grams of protein and 1 gram of carbs.

Dorothy knows what she is doing when it comes to fromage. (Okay, it's a team of cheese-makers, so "they" know what they're doing!) The brand has been dairy farming and making cheese since the 1920s, and the brand is named after the daughter of the founders. Each of their creations is shaped like a bloom, they adjust the flavors of the varieties by treating the rinds differently.

No Trader Joe's near you? While the retailer did score an exclusive low price, you can order the exact same soft-ripened cheese right online ($9.99, or sample all of their flower-shaped cheeses, including Holy Smoke, Comeback Cow ("rustic and fragrant") and Keep Dreaming ("complex and savory") in a gift pack of 6 ($58.48,

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