Baked Cheese Is Taking Over the Internet—Here's How to Make It at Home

The trend for all of your cheese-pull needs.

Baked Brie with Blackberry Jam
Photo: Jamie Vespa, M.S., R.D.

Baked cheese is taking over the internet. The idea of putting cheese in the oven until it's melty, gooey and delicious resurfaced with a viral TikTok hack for baked feta. It transforms the humble cheese into a flavorful appetizer or the start of a decadent pasta. But why stop at feta? We think this trend would flatter a variety of dairy products. Here are some ideas to help you get behind the baked cheese trend.

How to Bake Cheese (Plus, What to Pair with It)


Brie and fruit are a classic flavor pairing, but baking the two together takes them to the next level. Our Baked Brie with Blackberry Jam is a wildly easy and show-stopping appetizer for any occasion. You can opt to use a puff pastry to help it to help it go further. Pair it with nuts, crackers and jam.

Blue Cheese

Make a melty Buffalo chicken mash up. Top roasted carrots and roasted celery with blue cheese until it's melted though. Serve as is, with toast or tossed with buffalo chicken for a tasty main. Or opt for something a little sweeter by baking the blue cheese with fruit instead. For the sweet cheese bake, finish with a drizzle of honey and serve with crackers or with a baguette.

Goat Cheese

The @feelgoodfoodie on Instagram inspired us to swap in goat cheese for feta from the popular TikTok hack. She baked goat cheese and tomatoes until very soft. She mixed them together with pesto and stirred in cooked pasta for a delicious, easy dinner.


Burrata could be an appetizer on its own, but try making it a roasted spin on caprese salad. Place burrata over tomato slices and roast until it's gooey and delicious. Sprinkle with basil, drizzle with olive oil and serve with a sliced baguette.

Cream Cheese

Last but certainly not least, cream cheese can turn most anything into a flavorful dip. Try roasting it with red peppers and mixing with olive oil for a creamy roasted red pepper sauce that can be mixed with pasta, dolloped over chicken or spread on bread. Yum!

The Bottom Line

I think I speak for every cheese fan when I say my mouth is watering. I will definitely be trying some of these flavor combinations for a decadent and easy dinner sometime soon. Plus, you will only have one pan to clean when it's all said and done. Though these may not be the best to eat every night, they are great for special occasions. The next time you are celebrating, try baking some cheese.

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