This cozy, dessert-like tea is getting me through winter, one mug at a time.
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strawberry chocolate tea
Credit: Jaime Milan

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I love drinking hot tea—especially in the winter when it's really cold outside. In fact, I'm probably one of the few 20-somethings who keeps an entire pantry shelf dedicated to various loose-leaf teas, tea bags and steeping devices, but I'm A-OK with that. Though I usually stick to a few of my rotating faves (loose-leaf peppermint, jasmine pearls and the spiced "winter" blend tea bags from Trader Joe's), I've recently added an unexpected newcomer to the fold: The Republic of Tea's Strawberry Cuppa Chocolate tea bags.

The Republic of Tea, Strawberry Chocolate Tea, 36-Count
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I'm pretty picky about tea bags, because they tend to lose their freshness quickly and just don't taste as good as loose-leaf tea. But I'm a big fan of this Strawberry Cuppa Chocolate flavor. It has a South African rooibos base with carob, cacao nibs, blackberry leaves, natural strawberry flavor and bourbon vanilla beans. There's no added sugar, but it still tastes naturally sweet and slightly fruity from the ingredients.

While it won't replace your nightly dessert (sorry, but I'm a realist and no tea can do that), it's super rich and comforting. Plus, drinking rooibos tea has some heart-healthy benefits. Per research, people who drank it daily had better "good" cholesterol and lower "bad" cholesterol and triglycerides. (Learn more about why tea is so good for you.)

Also, rooibos teas (or red teas) don't have any caffeine, so they're the perfect nightcap. Rooibos are generally very smooth and have a sweet, nutty finish. Paired with the chocolate and berry flavors of this tea, it really is quite the treat. I love adding a squirt of honey and some frothy milk into my cup for a sweet, caffeine-free tea latte. It ups the dessert-like quality and it's the perfect way to wind down before bed.

Want to try it for yourself? It's available on Amazon for $15.

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