In just four easy steps, you can sprout your own avocado plant from a simple pit.
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TikTok sure has brought to light some fun trends this year, from the viral baked feta and cherry tomato pasta, the luxurious Dalgona whipped coffee trend and the various takes on the delicious quesadilla wrap hack. It has also tapped into our love for plants—like this video by @BradCanning where he shows his quick and easy technique for growing an avocado plant from the pit (or pip, as Canning calls it).

This hack for easily growing an avocado plant requires just four easy steps as well as a wet paper towel, a reusable sandwich bag, a small-neck vase (or wine bottle) and a little patience. Here's how to do it:

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How to Grow an Avocado Plant

  1. Remove the pit (or pip) from the avocado and rinse under water.
  2. Peel the thin brown layer of skin from the entire pit. This step helps to keep the pit from going moldy.
  3. Wrap pit in 2 layers of damp of paper towel and place in a reusable sandwich bag. Store the sandwich bag in a cool, dry place (like your pantry or on top of your counter) and allow to sit for 7 to 14 days. Check in periodically to see when the root begins to sprout.
  4. Once the root has sprouted, place the pit on top of a clear, small-mouthed vessel (like a flower vase or even a used wine bottle) and fill to the very top with water. Continue to replenish water as the roots grow and grow.

As the roots outgrow your original vessel, you can transfer your beautiful plant to a larger glass vase, and eventually to a pot, if desired.

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Canning is also coming out with his own line of gardening accessories, like a ceramic cone that makes it easy to grow your avocado plant in any vase, plus the cutest ceramic watering "cans" you'll ever see.