The combinations are endless (and utterly delicious).
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toothpicks with charcuterie
Credit: Jacob Fox

There are endless ways to enjoy and get creative with traditional charcuterie. From a charcuterie bouquet to a charcuterie Airstream, the appetizer can be easily adapted to fun and flavorful variations. But the best bite-size option is a charcuterie stick. Charcuterie sticks take the traditional board and shrink it down to a toothpick, which makes it easy to serve at a socially distanced gathering. 

To make charcuterie sticks, simply layer your ingredients onto a toothpick or cocktail stick (We love these wooden sticks that would add color to any plate. Buy them: Amazon, $9). The best combinations are ones that combine different textures, colors and flavors to create one delicious bite. Check out our favorite charcuterie stick combinations below, and enjoy!

Charcuterie Stick Combinations

Ingredients to Try

  • Cheese like Cheddar or manchego (it's easier to use harder cheeses, which will stay on the toothpick better than soft cheeses)
  • Meats like salami, chorizo, prosciutto, ham or pepperoni
  • Dried fruits like dates, figs or apricots
  • Something briny like pickles, olives and pickled peppers

Flavor Combinations to Try