From oatmeal to soup, this is perfect for a cozy lunch bowl.
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There is nothing more cozy than a hot meal on a cold winter day. Living in the Northeast, I find joy in watching the snow fall while enjoying a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast or soup for lunch. However, the colder the day, the harder it is to keep your food warm once it's served (especially if you are not eating it immediately). Whether you are headed back to the office, sending it to school with your child or just bringing it to your home office, the Bentgo Bowl will help keep soup, oatmeal, casserole and more warm for a satisfying meal.

Bentgo Bowl
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The Bentgo Bowl contains an insulated bowl, screw-on top and compartment for reusable utensils that extend to full length. The top is leak-proof, so you can store anything from oatmeal to soup without worrying about a mess. The Bentgo Bowl was especially designed to keep food warm for up to four hours, while being easy to hold with one hand so you can enjoy your meal wherever you are. On top of all of that, it is only $14.99 on Amazon right now. 

bentgo bowl

This super cute insulated bowl is my new favorite lunch container. I love its sleek design, practical size and portability. It keeps things at the temperature that you want without spilling and is easy to clean when you are finished. The Bengto Bowl is a great, affordable lunch container that does all the work of an expensive thermos without the price tag.