Emily Hampshire's Go-to Cocktail—and the Surprising Food She Pairs with It

We chatted with the Schitt’s Creek star to learn about her favorite cocktail, the snack she’s been devouring during quarantine, and more.

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Emily Hampshire
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Emily Hampshire is a Canadian actress known for her roles in film and television, perhaps most notably for her part as Stevie Budd on Schitt's Creek. Her character was part of many iconic food and drink scenes, particularly one about wine preferences as an analogy for sexual preferences (spoiler: she only drinks red wine, he's open to all). But EatingWell was equally curious to learn about her real-life habits. So we hopped on Zoom to learn all about Hampshire's go-to cocktail, her favorite Canadian snacks and more.

What Emily Hampshire Drinks

Although there are many delicious cocktails to choose from, Hampshire's favorite drink is a Moscow Mule. Made from a combination of vodka, ginger beer and lime, the Moscow Mule is often served in a hammered copper mug (like this adorable one from Williams Sonoma, $20). However, Hampshire eliminates the need for an extra glass by drinking a canned Vodka Mule from Cutwater Spirits, which comes in a copper can—"the classiest canned cocktail you've ever seen," she says.

While a Moscow Mule is Hampshire's cocktail of choice, we were curious what her character from Schitt's Creek, Stevie Budd, might drink. Hampshire says, "It would definitely be the Long Island Iced Tea because of the dive bar vibes. She might also like a Spicy Bloody Mary, or two, on a Sunday. I do think she might like all of [the Cutwater canned cocktails] specifically because I think she could have them accessible under her desk, which you can't always have with a cocktail." As for other Schitt's Creek characters, Hampshire would make Catherine O'Hara, who plays Moira Rose, drink Cutwater's Tiki Rum Mai Tai just so she could hear the character say Tiki Rum Mai Tai in her distinct accent.

On Schitt's Creek, Hampshire's character is part of a famous scene with David Rose, played by Daniel Levy, where the two have a conversation using types of wine as veiled allusions to sexual preferences (you can watch the scene here). When asked about the scene, Hampshire is quick to recognize the impact it has had on others, but she also notes that it had "a huge impact" on her as well and her personal journey towards identifying as pansexual.

And while it's been years since the scene aired, she thinks it's "crazy" to see its continued effect. In fact, she recently learned that a line from the scene, "I like the wine, not the label" has become so famous that some Trader Joe's stores have begun writing "into the wine, not the label" as a display for their wine section.

What Emily Hampshire Eats

Cocktail hour isn't complete without something to snack on, and Hampshire likes to pair her Moscow Mule with "a mix of dry Lucky Charms and Froot Loops." While she loves the combination of the two, she will occasionally add milk to the bowl if she's "getting creative."

In addition to cereal, the Canadian-born actress had many thoughts on the snacks she wishes were more popular in the U.S. Although she jokes that there's not enough time to discuss the topic, some of her picks include Crispy Crunch, Coffee Crisp, ketchup chips, butter tarts, hickory sticks and many, many more.

While it's clear that Hampshire has many thoughts on snacks, the one food she's been loving since the start of quarantine is Nutella, or rather, an industrial-size bucket of Nutella that she's since made her way through via spoon. Her love of the chocolaty spread is well-known enough that her friend's mom gifted her with a spoon that reads "Emily's Nutella Spoon."

How Emily Hampshire Takes Time for Herself

While Hampshire likes to take time for herself, she notes a huge difference between self-care and cutting out. For her, the latter practice is "giving yourself the permission to cut out without all of the guilt of self-care … [cutting out] is like self-care without all those #goals" one might see on social media and feel pressured to follow.

For Hampshire, cutting out involves arts and crafts and listening to true crime podcasts, which she thinks "balance each other out just right." Currently, she's making a diorama of a cottage using popsicle sticks and has seriously invested in the project by buying a glue gun and trees to decorate. And although she jokingly calls it a "useless craft," it's clear that it brings her joy.

In addition to crafts, Hampshire has also begun making humorous instructional cooking videos on TikTok. From cocktails to scrambled eggs to mac and cheese, Hampshire jokes that "real connoisseurs of cooking will get a lot from them"—and we just hope she's learned how to fold in the cheese.

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