“Hold on to your onions, folks!”
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Reese Witherspoon
Credit: Getty Images / Amy Sussman / Staff

A bowl of soup is one of our favorite comfort foods, especially when it's cold outside. Not only will it keep you warm, but it's also an easy way to incorporate lots of vegetables into your meal. And that's exactly what Reese Witherspoon did when she made a slow-cooker lentil soup. 

In a video shared to Instagram, Witherspoon walked through her soup-making process, which started with her knocking an onion off the counter (celebrities, they're just like us!). First, she sautéed carrots, onion and celery together (also known as a mirepoix), which is a great flavor base for soups. Then, she rinsed her green lentils (an important step to sift out any debris) before adding them to her slow cooker with some vegetable stock, tomato paste and spices. (Witherspoon used dried lentils from Whole Foods, buy them: Amazon, $3).  

And speaking of her slow cooker, Witherspoon was very excited to make the "first soup" in her brand-new All-Clad Gourmet Slow Cooker (buy it: Williams Sonoma, $250). After she loaded her ingredients into the slow cooker, Witherspoon admitted "I also decided to add a little bit of sausage, so who knows man? I'm just going off recipe...so we'll see how it turns out."

Reese Witherspoon Slow-Cooker Lentil Soup
Credit: Instagram / @reesewitherspoon

We guess it turned out deliciously since Witherspoon doesn't show the finished product. Instead, she revealed an empty bowl saying, "Oops! It was great!" Although she doesn't share the exact measurements and times for the recipe, you can easily try your own version with our recipes like Slow-Cooker Creamy Lentil Soup or Slow-Cooker Lentil, Carrot & Potato Soup. Whether you follow these recipes or make up your own like Witherspoon, either way you'll have a hearty, fiber-packed soup that is sure to hit the spot.