This Is the Key Ingredient for Perfectly Fluffy Biscuits, According to Joanna Gaines

A light, fluffy biscuit? Sign me up.

Full disclosure: I know very little about baking. Aside from being able to follow the recipe off a box of brownie mix, my knowledge rests solely on the eating side of things rather than the baking side. Despite my lack of experience, I still love to watch others bake, which is why I was so excited to see an entire episode of the Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines dedicated to biscuits.

On the latest episode of her cooking show, Gaines shared her family's go-to biscuit recipe, which she developed because of her husband Chip's love of biscuits and gravy. Every Saturday morning, Gaines would test out a new biscuit on her family, and it wasn't until she added two eggs to the dough that they agreed on a winning recipe. (Get Joanna Gaines's biscuit recipe here).

Gaines decided to add the eggs because she wanted a "richer" biscuit, but the addition of the ingredient isn't without debate. While I didn't think eggs in a biscuit dough was out of the ordinary (again, I have zero baking knowledge), it sparked a lot of conversation among my colleagues who thought the ingredient didn't belong.

Joanna Gaines
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While most biscuit doughs are made from a combination of flour, butter, buttermilk and a leavening agent like baking powder or baking soda, the addition of eggs truly depends on the recipe, and more importantly, I think, the family making them.

For many, biscuits are one of those baked goods that sparks memories. Whether it's your grandmother's recipe that's been passed down or a Sunday afternoon spent baking, biscuits are a cozy baked good that reminds many of home. And for Gaines, this recipe with eggs is "[her] family's perfect biscuit recipe."

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